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World Record Success!


A HUGE thank you to all of our witnessess, without whom, it would have been our word against the world, and our guests:

Jennifer Hagan Sarah Kincaid Coffman
Kip Arendt Susanah Keel
Horacio Urieta Lori Carrier
Ron Jasin Kevin Gibson
Chip Wise Brian Brown
Landon Upchurch Megan Sullivan
Jen Bidwell Lewis Meyer
Daniel Burke Isabelle Miller
Jon Beazlie Ann All
Susan Hall Brian Orms
Chris Rohrman Pat Cady

Also, a big shout out to all our sponsors, who made this (financially) much easier!

  • 6th Gear Performance
  • Bridget Bigard
  • Shamrock Foundation
  • Downtown Animal Hospital
  • And, last, but certainly by no means least, thank you to our wives for selflessly volunteering and endlessly listening to us bitch for four months as we prepared to do this.

    Without every single one of you we absolutely would not have been able to achieve this “feat”



    Because of the huge volume of material, we’ve broken it into four slightly less huge volumes:





    And if you’d like to donate, feel free to push this big yellow button. Proceeds will go to defray some of our costs we incurred (we’re not doing this to make any kind of profit) – anything we receive beyond our very modest expenses will be donated to the Shamrock Pet Foundation. A great 501(c)3 organization helping to aid spay and neuter programs and medical assistance programs for animals in need or distress. We’ve set up a PayPal account to make it as easy as possible to donate.

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