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PodcastAlien Abduction

Podcast: Aliens Among Us

http://traffic.libsyn.com/technobabble/Tower_of_Technobabble_18_-_Aliens_Among_Us.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedThis week , we debate how awesome Stan Lee is, and examine the phenomena of alien abduction. People have been claiming for decades that something comes and takes them away – we examine some of the evidence and come up with theories, both pro and con, to […]

UFO - The Secret History

The Abduction Phenomena Primer

If you were the kind of person that was remotely interested in the abduction phenomenon, then you might also be the kind of person that would find this documentary interesting. As straightforward as possible and no “shock & awe” tactics used. Just real scientists, historians, and psychologists discussing the phenomena’s past, present, and future. Tweet

Is that a ghost in your pocket, or are you just happy to hear from me?

Funny, Ben and I were just talking about this – Why do all ghost hunters (at least on television) carry electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors? Who decided that ghosts put out an electronic signature similar to a cell phone? Did Ghostbusters get the idea from the actual ghost hunters, or did Bill Murray et al set […]

Latest UFO sighting?

Something tells me this is probably fake … but it still beats the pants off that Jerusalem UFO footage. Tweet

Anatomy Of A Modern UFO Hoax

So, if you’ve been reading the blog here lately you may have noticed that we have been following the January UFO sighting over Jerusalem. Now, thanks to HOAXKiller1, we’ll be able to show WHY they are fake, and exactly HOW they were faked. This first video will explain the “motion tile” plugin and how you […]

The Fourth Video – A Lesson In Going “Full Retard”?

Here is a video with a closer view of the Jerusalem UFO. Complete with the flash on the ground. I contacted my cousin in Israel who works for a television station there, and the impression I received from her was that there was plenty of legitimate buzz about it in Tel Aviv, but no one […]

Utah UFO – First Best Evidence Ever

  The night before the Jerusalem UFO got the buzz, there was a little story near Salt Lake City, Utah that appeared in a similar way. OK…so was there something to any of it?? I actually find the footage from utah a little more interesting, but the fact that most of them are so similar […]

Jerusalem UFO – Best Footage Ever?

Split screen. One video phone taking footage of ufo, the other video phone taking footage of guy with video phone taking footage of ufo. Look for the bug that flies in front of both cameras at around the 50 second mark. Nice work, but looks like a video overlay to me. Prove me wrong. Please. […]

Aliens love Hobbits

Forget “Lord of the Rings” … New Zealand has become the new home of the X Files! Their military has released about 2,000 pages of government documents relating to UFO reports from 1954 to 2009. There’s a lot of testimony from both public and military witnesses as well as sketches and — my favorite — […]