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Man with ability to read my thoughts tries to clobber Michael Bay

The Hong Kong leg of shooting for Transformers 4 is underway and the action is even more over-the-top. News reports say an unknown person – not involved with the production – heaved an air conditioner at Michael Bay’s noggin. The Sultan of  ‘Splodin’ is apparently OK, and richer by one air conditioner. The similarity of […]

Here we go. It’s called: “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.”

The title of the 4th and far-from-final Transformers Bayfest has been announced. The moving images and blistering sound we’ll all be soon waving our fists at will be called “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.”  Also rumored (and confirmed by one of the producers… question mark?) is that the Dinobots will indeed be featured. I have […]

Good news, bad news Detroit…

It’s been all bad news for Detroit recently, but here’s the good news: Michael Bay has brought filming for Transformers 4 to a city that needs all the income it can get!  More bad news people of Detroit? The Bayster saw your city as a good place to get his kicks dressing it up like […]

Transformers 4: Return or Teh Flamez

Yep. There they are. I have to kick myself for thinking for a moment that the “re-designs” we’ve heard we would be getting for Transformers 4 would be any improvement. Silly me, I thought that Hasbro could wrestle these classic characters away from the nightmarish wads of metal the Bay-man brought us 3 films in […]

Big Question Mark TF4 Casting News

I seem to be reporting every warm body that gets cast in the upcoming Michael Bay Blockbuster/Fart in Church, so here’s one that should bring on the facepalms. Li Bingbing has been cast in Transformers 4. Everyone should be familiar with her groundbreaking work in Resident Evil: Retribution, where Ms. Bingbing was famously dubbed by […]

Michael Bay Hopes The Repeater is Happy Now

In yet still more human casting news for Transformers 4, El Explode-o himself must have heard The Repeater’s concerns with casting in TF3, and Mr. Bay throws a bone his way with the news that Doctor Who guest star Sophia Myles, who played Madame de Pompadour (and may return again… question mark?), will be in […]

Confused and Afraid: Transformers 4 Casting News

I’m not really sure what this sensation is I’m feeling. The latest cast member of Transformers 4 has me experiencing a positive emotion, and it doesn’t feel right. Maybe I’ll just go with it. While I shudder to think how bad TF4 could end up being, you all KNOW I’ll be watching it in theaters. […]

More TF4 Casting Snooze… I mean… uh, NEWS!

Jack Reynor has been named as the young male lead to co-star with Funky Marky Funk-A-Bunch in Transformers 4. And girls will think he’s a hottie because of his hotness and money, demographics, synergy… zzzzz…   Tweet

True Horror: Mark Wahlberg is a star.

I guess it is official. “Marky” Mark Wahlberg is a bone-fide star. With two recent hit films under his belt, Marky (or “Triple Nipple” to his friends) is rumored to be in the running to play a main character in Transformers 4. As rumored earlier, a central character for the next proposed trilogy will be […]

Transformers 4 is happening.

Rumors, bile and gastric juice have started to churn as Transformers 4 gains some forward momentum. SpoilerTV had some casting sheet news, claiming that  Transformers 4 will have a “new female lead that… is a high school senior, and her boyfriend a Texas racing driver” among the main characters. ‘Kay. In more interesting news, In […]