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Happy Boxing Day: Unbox this Transformers video clip!

I trust everyone has been making merry this week. As an extra merry treat, Takara/Tomy has shared this stop-motion video highlighting their Masterpiece Transformers line. Transformers – roll out, and a happy new year! Tweet

Small Victories

Small victories. I’ll take ’em where I can get ’em. The Transformers brand is all over the place currently, but at least we get the classic characters in their classic designs with merchandise aimed at the kiddie crowd. Here we have G1-styled Prime, Bumblebee and Grimlock costumes for Mr. Potato Head, and you can ever […]

Happy 30th Birthday, Transformers!

May 8th, 1984 is generally thought of as the “birthday” of the Transformers as we know them in America, as it is the day the first issue of the Marvel comic came out. Below is the commercial – for the comic! – I saw during an episode of G.I. Joe, where I first witnessed the […]

This TF4 promo shot has its priorities all wrong.

Well, I’ve been waiting for an image of Sophia Myles as her character “The Girl in the Lab Coat” from Transformers: Age of Extinction to pop up… and it did, just not where I was expecting. Much to the displeasure of gun nuts everywhere, the lovely Ms. Myles is hogging the screen while the real […]

Transformers 4: Return or Teh Flamez

Yep. There they are. I have to kick myself for thinking for a moment that the “re-designs” we’ve heard we would be getting for Transformers 4 would be any improvement. Silly me, I thought that Hasbro could wrestle these classic characters away from the nightmarish wads of metal the Bay-man brought us 3 films in […]

Hasbro Reaches Out to the Greater Geek Community

Gizmodo was granted access to Hasbro’s offices and has posted an interview giving the basics of the design process, focusing on the (new in stores, kids!) Predaking toy. Hasbro has slowly been coming to terms with the fact they need to focus on growing the fanbase beyond just 6-11-year-olds. Sadly, this access should also be […]

Japanese Toymakers Know What Sells

There is a Japan-only series of Transformers from Takara Tomy called Transformers: GT – these fellas transform into Super GT Racing Cars – but what’s the added bonus? Why, each kick-ass robot comes with a companion “Racing Queen!”  A fair trade-off for anyone offended Megatron’s alt mode isn’t a gun or at least a tank. […]

This Might be Why the Repeater Doesn’t Understand Superheroes

Okay, so, the Repeater found this old ad for superhero action figures (they’re not dolls! Although one could make the case that these, indeed are dolls.) It actually clears something up for me, why one of the Repeater’s many catch phrases is “Dave, I don’t understand superheroes.” As the Tower’s resident comic authority, it falls […]

Shockwave Action Figure Proves to be a Logical Choice

Botcon was this past weekend, and tons of photos are making their way online. Not to be outdone, Hasbro has been releasing official photos of their upcoming wares as well. My favorite of the bunch is this new Shockwave figure. Some issues have plagued Shockwave since the 80’s. The original toy was not a Hasbro/Takara […]

Great. Now the stores that housed 80’s toys are retro.

There is a nifty little article at RetroJunk about Toys R Us. I am one of those fellas that geeks out over how much things change over time, and I certainly wasn’t thinking about taking photos of toy stores when I was eight, so I’m glad somebody did. There are some modern and 80’s photos […]