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Podcast: We Do It To Ourselves Play in new window | Download | EmbedDaggor joins us to discuss the obligatory Star Wars news, then we look at voluntary invasive technology, and terrible, awful animals that should not exist. We then end with another installment of Chick Tract Theater, where Towerbot does a bitchin’ imitation of the Repeater. Show Notes: Star […]

Podcast: Living in Retrospect Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe discuss how technology is moving faster than society can figure out the boundaries of politeness, real-life trends being used in science fiction, discover a surprising revelation about the Jetsons, discuss what makes good dirt, talk about catholic voodoo, and The Repeater starts a disturbing new advertising […]

Meet Your New Feline Overlords

This just in…domestic cat ambassador, Snuggles completes successful talks with dolphin ambassador, Chirp Gak Chirp. Both parties agreed that an alliance would be beneficial. This unexpected agreement comes in on the heels of another similar agreement between domestic cat ambassador, Gandalf, and eagle ambassador, Butternut-Squawk, which has always been regarded as unusual and perhaps cause […]

Please Warn Your Parents…

Ok folks…OMG! Do yourself and everyone else a favor and tell your parents to put on a robe before they check their email after getting out of the shower. There is just no telling what their deranged grand-children are doing on their computers while Nana is making homemade chicken soup. iSpy is a free open […]

Secret Air Force Document…Holographic Projector…Old News? From a Galaxy Far Far Away Perhaps??? Maybe Not.

Didn’t I just write something about the Phoenix lights? I did. Sorry. Consider this my part 2. I couldn’t help myself. I ran across this and thought I’d share an all too quickly dismissed hypothesis and the originally sited article. Journalist Randall Fitzgerald, who was financed in 1997 by Reader’s Digest to do an investigative report […]