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I love a girl piper

My significant other and I both have an “elevator list”, but there’s only one name on each one. The same name in fact: Craig Ferguson. This video is simply one reason we love him so … keep watching til at least the 1:43 mark. I’m also putting this up as a tribute to The Conduit. […]

Cosplay Month: Leftover Candy

Halloween is over and the rotten kids down the street may have dashed your jack-o-lantern to the pavement, but there’s always those last few packs of Skittles left in the bowl on November 1st. Towerbot’s swear filter caught a few cosplay-related videos that are NSFW, but rather than purge them from memory, we decided to […]

For Ben…

Check out the photo closely – off to the right of the image. It’s for rent! Suitable for weddings, proms, sweet sixteens, quincaƱeras… anything! Tweet