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Dammit, Syfy. I would watch that TV show.

Well, crappity-crap. The Syfy hell-beasts that brought us Face Off and Heroes of Cosplay are turning another awesome thing into a contest…and they’re dragging Jim Henson’s name into it. Syfy (pronounced: see-iffy) is moving forward with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, a clone of all the other competition shows where talented craftspersons and mediocre yet […]

Podcast: Tennessee Man Bags Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe find out how the man is sticking it to Star Trek fans yet again, then talk about the last place you’d want a nasty surprise, party down with more Chick Lit Theater, and look at the latest attempt by the Syfy channel to torpedo geek culture […]

Bigfoot is King Kong sort of

Hey podcast besties! Well, I did it again and committed podcest. Your’s truly the Repeater was a special guest on the latest episode of  Movie Meltdown, the greatest movie geek show on Earth. Which is true, I double-checked that to make sure. For those who don’t know, Movie Meltdown is a super-fun podcast all about […]

Podcast: The Return of Towerbot’s Revenge! Play in new window | Download | EmbedTowerbot’s a little miffed that when we had an actual guest who wasn’t a basement-dwelling hobo, we decided that it would be a better use of his time to clean the reactor cooling pool. So, he kept recording our interview with Monica Wolfson after we thought we […]

Tower of Technobabble 3 – Bigfoot Jerks

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedFreshly baked and hot out of the oven, a new episode of Tower of Technobabble! Download the podcast directly here: or, better yet, just subscribe via iTunes here: This week, we: – Take a look at the end of Caprica, and wonder what the hell […]