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Podcast: The Truth Exposed! Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe share some big news about an upcoming event, and then look at secret space fleets, Russia’s next annexation target, the search for buried treasure that no one wanted in the first place, and lies told by insane rednecks to achingly cute little girls. Show Notes We […]

Podcast: Bob Dole’s Junk Play in new window | Download | EmbedOur show quickly flies off the rails as we talk about, believe it or not, Former Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole’s genitalia. It’s not quite as gross as it sounds. Almost, but not quite. We also talk about Britney Spears, but back when she was hot. […]

Russian Yeti update: STUNT!!

Well, THAT didn’t take long! It’s been confirmed that yesterday’s capture of a Bigfoot in Russia was a publicity stunt. I mean, it was kinda obvious….   News reports from the Ingushetia region of Russia claimed that military border control agents captured a 2 meter tall creature. The Minister of Labour and Social Development, Bagaudin […]

Russia captures a Yeti … question mark?

In case you have not heard yet — and honestly, why in the name of Gozer WOULD you keep up with this stuff? — Russian “officials” are claiming to have captured a Yeti, a Russian Sasquatch. A Bigfootski. Read all about it HERE. Or, even better, check out this video recording of a Russian TV […]