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Podcast: Obliged to Mobilize Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe add a new member of the tower crew to spice things up, talk about how and why aliens might walk among us, how a toilet of infamy found it’s way to New Jersey, and then try to teach us something about World War I, which isn’t […]

Considering the future of our country…

I’m not sure how it feels in other countries, but it seems like every week or even every day we’re at a new crossroads in our society. A variety of news events are taking place every minute to make the average U.S. citizen seriously ponder whether or not a bunker stocked with food, guns, and […]

I feel pretty

Who’s a pretty lady? If you live in the good ol USA, then YOU are!! The story is here. That’s right, in a stunning upset America came #1 in a recent survey conducted by, which proclaimed Americans as “The Most Attractive in the World.” Which I suppose is some consolation for the death of our […]