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Podcast: Out on a Sexy Limb Play in new window | Download | EmbedDaggor returns to help us discuss the nature of robotic slavery, if there’s a new planet on the horizon, three different ways Jesus is in the news this week, and then go way, way, way out on a slender, shaky limb to discuss the treatment of women […]

Podcast: Not Planet Material Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe examine the pods you’ll be commuting to work in one day, note that the search for our extra terrestrial overlords begins anew, check out a guy who won’t take “hell no” for an answer, and look at the reasons Pluto was kicked out of the Planet […]


The reviews are coming in and Rotten Tomatoes has (Rise of the) Planet of the Apes at 80% fresh. Reviews often don’t mean much, but I’m watching the success of this film for a few reasons. Number one is my unfaltering, passionate hatred for James Franco. I’d like to see this thing tank just to […]