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(Guest) Podcast: We’ll Meltdown with You Play in new window | Download | EmbedWhile we were at WonderFest a couple of weeks ago, The Repeater and I were asked to be guests on what has become the Tower’s sister podcast, Movie Meltdown (step-sister podcast? first cousin twice removed podcast? I’ll admit, I don’t understand such things)! Suffice to say that […]

4-Real: A Kentucky Bigfoot encounter

Hi there podcast besties … Recently I committed — yet again — that sweetest of crimes: podcest. For about the third time now I managed to sneak onto the Movie Meltdown podcast, and elbowed my way into a discussion of — what else — Bigfoot. (I say “what else” because honestly I don’t know much […]

Bigfoot is King Kong sort of

Hey podcast besties! Well, I did it again and committed podcest. Your’s truly the Repeater was a special guest on the latest episode of ┬áMovie Meltdown, the greatest movie geek show on Earth. Which is true, I double-checked that to make sure. For those who don’t know, Movie Meltdown is a super-fun podcast all about […]