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Megatron Shills for The Man

This is a commercial for Time Warner Cable, for which I apologize, but if they’re spending some of their cash to employ Frank Welker as Megatron, they have my attention. This ad may sadden Hasbro as well, since the toy business is struggling to find ways to sell little Megatrons to kids that would rather […]

The fate of the golden disk

With news that Voyager 1 is on the verge of leaving our solar system, I give you the fate of the “Sounds of Earth” disc courtesy of Transformers:Beast Wars. This clip from the insanely awesome second season of Beast Wars (now on Netflix!) hints at just how valuable the information on that disk could be. […]

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron trailer from E3 gives us an overdose of badassery!

While the rockin’ soundtrack isn’t exactly my cup o’ tea, the (non-gameplay) footage seen here dishes up a heaping dessert for Transformers fans. It features the Dinobots versus the Combaticons (in Bruticus mode) and Prime deciding to call in the big guns to confront Megatron. Big as in Metro-effing-plex! All the glowy stuff the Activision […]

Transformer: Prime videogame trailer

Please to enjoy the trailer for the upcoming Transformers: Prime videogame. It is geared more toward the kiddos, so I may be giving this one a pass. The good news/bad news hinted at from the trailer is that the stupid human characters that infect the Transformers: Prime series are present, but they may be the […]


As a companion to the 2011 Toy Fair article, I submit this bit of video from 1995. Watch as actors struggle reciting the ridiculous marketing copy for middle-management-types, a woman in a sexy cop outfit almost puts out someone’s eye at the Batman display, and learn Megatron has glow-in-the-dark missiles for… night fighting … so… […]

News, directly from somebody’s pants

It’s that time of year again! As factories overseas are churning out the new toys to coincide with the release of Transformers 3 (with the goofy subtitle: “Dark of the Moon”), those factory workers with the baggiest pants are smuggling out samples of the toys and revealing them on the internet! The big spoiler is […]