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Happy Freezer Day!

Guess what? It’s the three year anniversary of this guy standing up on CNN and saying: “This is as real as you are standing there.” He was referring to the fact that he and his wacky pals had a dead Bigfoot body. Only it was a rubber suit. You would think that being in a […]

Stupid water!!

In a world where cheap digital cameras guarantee you an abundance of fake Bigfoot videos, you sometimes have to stand back and look with awe … with AWE at some of the really crappy ones. Crappy, yet somehow genius in their approach to the subject. Why has a Bigfoot hoaxer never thought about including props […]

To UFO, or not to UFO?

Well, here’s something to look forward to if the Rapture does NOT happen on May 21. There’s a secret online group aptly named “Anonymous” made up of really talented computer-techy people known for hacking, running amuck and just basically f-ing with people all in the name of social justice. Depending on your definition of social justice […]

Latest UFO sighting?

Something tells me this is probably fake … but it still beats the pants off that Jerusalem UFO footage. Tweet

Riiiiiiiiiight — PART 3

This is apparently an older “Bigfoot” clip, but it’s one I wasn’t aware of til I saw it this morning. It was posted on a Bigfoot researcher’s site I check from time to time, and I clicked on it because the researcher said it was “very interesting.” However when you watch, it’s just obvious how […]

Anatomy Of A Modern UFO Hoax

So, if you’ve been reading the blog here lately you may have noticed that we have been following the January UFO sighting over Jerusalem. Now, thanks to HOAXKiller1, we’ll be able to show WHY they are fake, and exactly HOW they were faked. This first video will explain the “motion tile” plugin and how you […]