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Having trouble letting go of revising Force Awakens

I ran across this weeks-old article from Cinemanblend, and it got me re-writing the film… again. I quietly yearn for a day when I get over it & just enjoy the movie. Until then: http://www.cinemablend.com/new/C-3PO-Red-Arm-Force-Awakens-Explained-102337.html?utm_source=zergnet.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zergnet_829106 “Due to the 30 year time jump in The Force Awakens, it makes sense that C-3PO is presumably an outdated […]

NSFW: Nude Elmo, Decepti-slips, and Toy Pr0n!

Gizmodo has another installment of their behind-the-scenes tour of the Hasbro offices. Initially, I did not plan on making multiple posts about another site’s content, but doggone it, this is the kind of stuff us toy fans have been wanting to see for a long time. It’s just a glimpse, but more than we’ve been […]

Much to the chagrin of Kentucky Slim…

The news keeps coming in for the movie that will either strengthen the Star Wars franchise or send it sailing over a space shark. In a recent podcast, we discussed how awesomely awesome or terribly terrible it would be if actors from the classic trilogy were featured in these new movies, and what a colossal […]

Disney prepared to beat every piece of candy out of the piñata that is Star Wars

Disney’s Bob Iger confirmed the rumor that more Star Wars films, outside of the final trilogy, are in the works – and coming soon!  He made this announcement on CNBC, because he has his finger on the pulse of the geek community. This may lend some more credibility to the rumor that Zack Snyder was […]

Please don’t dissappoint me, “Cowboys vs. Aliens”

This film still has me hopeful and optimistic, and that’s hard to do nowadays. Great cast, fun premise, with a special shout-out for Harrison Ford finally in a new role that will be a joy to watch. I’m going to try to stay spoiler-free, though it does look like there won’t be many surprises Tweet