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Podcast: Citizen Zilch! Play in new window | Download | EmbedThe Repeater regales us with tales of Chattanooga, then we look at ancient tools of a popular author, surprising things the Pope says, and Kentucky Slim flies off the handle about UFO disinformation from the government. Oh, yeah, and the Repeater has breaking news about the Sugar […]

Podcast: Superstitions Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe begin our special series, Breaking the Barrier of Paranormal Mystique, with an examination of one of mankind’s oldest bugaboos. superstition. We take a look at mirrors, count to 13, and play a little sports ball. Cross your fingers and wish us luck! Show Notes: Restoring your […]

Louisville Arcade Expo – A Whole Heap of Cool is Coming

For anyone who plunked hard-earned allowance quarters into the innards of machines at your local arcade, wondered if they just had hit the pinball machine hard enough to trigger the “tilt,” or had the famous Atari blisters at the upper joint of their right thumb (or left thumb for you industrious lefties who managed to […]