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Podcast addendum: Your childhood is for sale

In the most recent TOT podcast (S05E13), we lament the usage of iconic musicians and actors for commercial gain. Well, Honda has upped the ante, using classic 80’s toys to appeal to Generation X. The He-Man reference I made was just a half-remembered Robot Chicken bit, but Honda is way ahead of me. The commercial […]

Transformers/G.I. Joe SDCC Exclusives Spark Lawsuit

Hasbro’s San Diego ComicCon exclusives included a G.I. Joe & Transformers crossover that delighted fans and peeved the bejeebers out of Harmony Gold, resulting in a lawsuit. Lawsuit, you ask? OK… back in the days of long ago, when Transformers first hit shelves in the mid 80s, they were so popular that Hasbro/Takara couldn’t keep […]

Netflix Rolls Out Classic Cartoons

Hasbro finally wised up. After creating “The Hub,” a cable channel designed to pimp Hasbro properties, Hasbro still has one nasty little wrinkle in the plan  –  not everyone gets The Hub in their cable package. More to the point, their target audiences are likely leaving cable for streaming content… like… for example… Netflix. So, […]

Snake in a Plane

The G.I. Joe convention was this past weekend, and on display was this year’s SDCC Exclusive Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover set containing a G.I. Joe Sky Striker jet colored as Starscream, a Cobra Commader figure, and a mini Megatron gun accessory. The only new information was the packaging, which has been made to resemble a classic Transformers/G.I. Joe […]

Great. Now the stores that housed 80’s toys are retro.

There is a nifty little article at RetroJunk about Toys R Us. I am one of those fellas that geeks out over how much things change over time, and I certainly wasn’t thinking about taking photos of toy stores when I was eight, so I’m glad somebody did. There are some modern and 80’s photos […]

Do NOT wear this when shopping

From time to time here at the ol’ Tower of Technobabble we like to give out friendly tips for living. Little pieces of wisdom that you can take to heart and apply to your everyday life. It’s our way of saying thanks, and showing that we care just that much about you. Today’s advice nugget […]