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The best thing about the Bay ‘Transformer’ films

While I despise what Michael Bay has done with the Transformers films, there are a few good side effects thank to their success. Hasbro makes money selling toys, so fans get lots of new merchandise. Awareness of the brand & characters is high, so we’ll continue getting Transformers fiction for the foreseeable future. Best of […]

Megatron Shills for The Man

This is a commercial for Time Warner Cable, for which I apologize, but if they’re spending some of their cash to employ Frank Welker as Megatron, they have my attention. This ad may sadden Hasbro as well, since the toy business is struggling to find ways to sell little Megatrons to kids that would rather […]

Transformers 4 is happening.

Rumors, bile and gastric juice have started to churn as Transformers 4 gains some forward momentum. SpoilerTV had some casting sheet news, claiming that  Transformers 4 will have a “new female lead that… is a high school senior, and her boyfriend a Texas racing driver” among the main characters. ‘Kay. In more interesting news, In […]

Transformer: Prime videogame trailer

Please to enjoy the trailer for the upcoming Transformers: Prime videogame. It is geared more toward the kiddos, so I may be giving this one a pass. The good news/bad news hinted at from the trailer is that the stupid human characters that infect the Transformers: Prime series are present, but they may be the […]