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What if the Pope Lick trestle caught fire?

Check this out!!! At first I though this was the Pope Lick train bridge …. because it freaking LOOKS like the Pope Lick train bridge!! But no, ┬áit’s a train trestle in Lampasas County, Texas. Somehow the blaze started, and firefighters determined it was too dangerous to try and put it out from top of […]

Podcast: We Wanted to Believe Play in new window | Download | EmbedTowerbot give some advice to the lovelorn that will most likely go terribly, spectacularly wrong. Kentucky Slim finally moves into SimCity, and The Repeater, recently scarred by a movie released last year, retreats to a television show secretly celebrating it’s 20th anniversary, The X Files. Show Notes: […]

Quite Possibly THE Stupidest Person On The Planet (if they’re still alive)

The kid who swallows the most marbles shouldn’t be allowed to have more kids…or in this case, the kid who sets his marbles on fire should rightly have his marbles stomped into oblivion… Tweet