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Talkin’ about Quakes with Monica!

Friend of the show Monica Wolfson Schwehr (who, for some unknown reason, didn’t change her name to Monica Schwehr-Wolf after getting married) is presenting a USGS Earthquake Science Center talk that will be live streamed today! You can catch “The Relationship Between Seismicity and Fault Structure on Discovery Transform Fault, East Pacific Rise” at 10:30 […]

Podcast: Ghost Chewbacca Play in new window | Download | EmbedIt’s apparently Angry Day at the ol’ Tower – from Towerbot’s depressive spiral to the Conduit’s anger at an (Austrian) national treasure. Pick an opinion and stick with it this week! Show Notes: • Towbot’s not in the Robot Hall of Fame…yet.: and • Italian […]

Podcast: Mudpulse! Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe actually convinced a real-life scientist to not only be on the show, but actually return to the show! Monica Wolfson returns to discuss her voyage to the Sea of Japan to hunt down earthquakes. Show notes: Japan Trench Fast Drilling Project — Science Par-tay! – […]

Cool Update From The Tower’s Resident Scientist Off The Coast Of Japan

I recently received word from The Tower’s science correspondent, Monica Wolfson, on our Facebook page about her recent deployment aboard the Japanese research vessel, Chikyu as part of the science team drilling into the Japan trench fault line to study the fault itself. As if this wasn’t amazing enough, they are also breaking a deep […]