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Podcast: Apocalypto Nighmarathon 2 – The End Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe conclude our talk with JR Southall on apocalyptic films that grabbed our attention, and then, at the end of all things, we discuss the future of the Tower of Technobabble. Show Notes • White Mountains/Tripods The White Mountains comics from Boys Life Magazine: “The White […]

Podcast: Apocalypto Nightmarathon (Part 1) Play in new window | Download | EmbedIt’s doomsday all day at the Tower as we begin a two-part series with our friend from across from what used to be the Atlantic Ocean JR Southall. We take a look at cinematic apocalypses (apocalypi?) and examine why we probably would envy the dead, because we […]

Podcast: Not If, But When…. Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe strive to be proactive and go over a list of things to plan for before they happen. Topics include babies, aliens, the Super Bowl, pumas and a host of other eventualities. Remember – it’s not if. It’s when. Also, a call from Bigfoot Bob! Show Notes: […]

Two Suns is No Big Deal on Tatooine …

Recent reports from the world of science and astronomy have suggested that the earth might soon temporarily have a “second sun,” when Betelgeuse, a dying star some 640 light years away (give or take), explodes into a supernova. This would cause the illusion of two suns in the sky simultaneously, the theory went. Problem is, […]