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I love a girl piper

My significant other and I both have an “elevator list”, but there’s only one name on each one. The same name in fact: Craig Ferguson. This video is simply one reason we love him so … keep watching til at least the 1:43 mark. I’m also putting this up as a tribute to The Conduit. […]

Seven degrees of Doctor Who

The good Doctor gets around, so he’s likely to bump into other franchises here and there. He gets close – by one degree – to the Transformers when he runs into a character that had just visited the inhabitants of Cybertron. Comic writer Simon Furman had written a story involving his character, Death’s Head, tangling […]

Doctor Who — lost and found

It’s a fact: the only reason I get up in the morning is to watch Doctor Who, the British sci-fi TV show that is currently celebrating its 48th anniversary. In particular I love — no, TREASURE — episodes from the first six seasons, 1963-1969. Back then the show was shot in black-and-white and on a […]

My honest reaction to the news that Hollywood will make a big budget “Doctor Who” movie…

  I am now awaiting the news that Shia LaBeouf has been cast in the lead role.     Tweet

A Perfect Match

When it comes to expressions of eternal commitment, this one is hard to beat. Your wedding comes up short if Buffy and Doctor Who do not adorn the top of your cake. Congratulations to the happy couple.   Tweet

Cosplay month: San Diego Comic-Con and Dragon*Con

Ah, the ‘Con. What fertile ground for the cosplayer – and it looks like a bumper crop this year! We wrap up Cosplay Month at the Tower with a look at all of the hard work and imagination that goes into these costumes in the form of montage videos from two of the big conventions […]

RIP Sarah Jane Smith

Well that’s a headline I didn’t think I’d be writing anytime soon. It was announced today that the actress who played Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who has died of cancer. Elisabeth Sladen was 63, and was universally loved as one of the Doctor’s best ever companions. In fact, he several times referred to Sarah […]

Doctor Who — a warning!

Something is coming…   I feel it’s my duty to warn anyone who regularly listens to the Tower podcast: Our next episode to come out, #17,  will be a challenge to listen to. It’s about an hour and a half of mainly me — the studdering repeater — talking and talking and TALKING about my […]

I Salute You, Brigadier!

Nicholas Courtney, who starred in Doctor Who as Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart opposite no less than eight incarnations of the famous Doctor, has died at the age of 81. Although there was talk in 2008 of bringing Courtney in to play a role in the series again under the direction of Russell T. Davies, sadly that […]

Oh crap … I’m a geek

You ever have one of those moments where you see yourself in total clarity? Where for a brief instant you have a truly focused and naked understanding of what you are in this crazy life? A “fall-awake” moment? Well, I had one of those today. The message was: “YOU are a total geek.” All of […]