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Halloween Cosplay

Halloween is this week! To prepare for an evening of dispensing candy to costumed children, enjoy some cosplay from the ever-awesome Boogie Beat Down’s compilation from DragonCon! Each time you see a new costume, throw a bite size Snickers at your screen! Tweet

Cosplay Month: Leftover Candy

Halloween is over and the rotten kids down the street may have dashed your jack-o-lantern to the pavement, but there’s always those last few packs of Skittles left in the bowl on November 1st. Towerbot’s swear filter caught a few cosplay-related videos that are NSFW, but rather than purge them from memory, we decided to […]

Cosplay month: San Diego Comic-Con and Dragon*Con

Ah, the ‘Con. What fertile ground for the cosplayer – and it looks like a bumper crop this year! We wrap up Cosplay Month at the Tower with a look at all of the hard work and imagination that goes into these costumes in the form of montage videos from two of the big conventions […]

Cosplay month: costuming your pets

Many like to get their pets into the cosplay game . I’m pretty sure that in most cases it is against the will of the animal. This AT-AT costume was made by Katie Mello for her dog, Bones. Poor Bones is mortified. Tweet

Our Sincerest Apologies…

Our sincerest apologies to the 501st…  😉 Tweet

It’s CausePlay, not Cosplay: The 501st

If you’re looking for honor among cosplayers, or, more fittingly: “CausePlayers,” look to the 501st, also known as “Vader’s Fist.” An organization of fans that make and wear costumes based on Imperial troops, Sith Lords, and other assorted villains from the Star Wars universe, these dedicated costume enthusiasts have grown in number and acclaim to […]

Cosplay: The Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros. program has inspired scores of fans to get into this cosplay thing. You can see this interview with some cosplayers and get a glimpse of how they approach the costumes, makeup, and interacting with other cosplayers and normal folk alike. Clicky click the link below. These are people that take their costumes […]

Cosplay Addendum: The Repeater’s Worst Nightmare

It’s gonna be a busy next couple of weeks for the Repeater. Now any yo-yo off the street can buy a spiffy, 70’s-movie-quality Bigfoot costume off the rack and go tromping around from bar to bar during the Halloween season, or jump out from behind bushes to scare the Snickers out of unsuspecting 5-year-olds. There […]

Cosplay Classics: Tron Guy

Cosplay can garner you worldwide fame. We’re talking Internet fame here. What I like most about the phenomenon of Tron Guy (given name: Jay Maynard) is that it appears to have been entirely accidental. Mr. Maynard was simply a Tron enthusiast that crafted his own costume and, thanks to the electric Internet, decided to post […]

Cosplay: Transforming costumes

Cosplay is a time-honored tradition of geekdom, but the Transformers fans have a sub-genre that has to be seen to be believed: transforming costumes. There are many examples out there on the internet, but the first time I saw cosplayers living the dream is in this clip from 2004, where the cast of Transformers: The […]