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Optimus Prime and I have something in common

While I have admired Prime for a few decades, I wasn’t aware we shared the same affinity for sweet, crunchy pre-packaged chocolate sandwich cookies. Much like Prime, when I’m struck by a laser blast (or, more likely, under a crippling deadline) a few Oreos perk me right back up – even when I should by […]

Ad-Vantage: Samsung Galaxy Note (Superbowl Commercial)

As is the cultural expectation, there were lots of commercials premiered at last night’s Superbowl. None of them really blew my socks off, but one stood out to me – for the wrong reasons. Lookin’ at you, Samsung Galaxy Note. Go ahead and watch it, and meet me back here in 1:31. Tweet

Set phasers for “saving”

THIS is why I love America … EDIT: I just learned this store is on Vancouver Island … My bad. THIS is why I love Canada.     Screw Ikea — shop at Dodd’s! I honestly have not smiled this hard in weeks. And I’ll bet Gordy doesn’t charge over $200 in shipping like some Swedish […]

ToT Ad-vantage: Microsoft

As a communications major and a former journalist and advertising guy, I know I can be a total pain to watch television with. I’ve seen behind the curtain and know how things are put together, the discussions that go on in the planning stage, and how sloppiness, lack of ideas and sometimes just plain laziness […]