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This is it!

The Tower of Technobabble doesn’t really endorse Kickstarters, and I cannot personally suggest anybody should hand over their money for anything, but this video is worth a look. Its a mother-lovin’ HOVERBIKE. and It elicits an enthusiastic “This is it!” exclamation from yours truly a la Doc Brown, due to the most “proof-of-conceptish” proof of […]

Cosplay month: San Diego Comic-Con and Dragon*Con

Ah, the ‘Con. What fertile ground for the cosplayer – and it looks like a bumper crop this year! We wrap up Cosplay Month at the Tower with a look at all of the hard work and imagination that goes into these costumes in the form of montage videos from two of the big conventions […]

Doctor makes house call, about four years early

I saw this over a week ago and I assumed the “Internet had it” and everybody in the whole wide world was aware of this bit of video, but I still see it pop up here and there as being new. So! I want to make sure nobody misses this. I wish there had been […]