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The Marvel universe will NEVER BE THE SAME because I give up…

Here we go again. More change for the sake of change. marvel crapI guess we have to talk about something on Wednesdays.


The quest for a honest-to-goodness medical tricorder is underway

Just learned about the tricorder “x prize” competition going on. I don’t know what’s weirder: the common use of the term “x prize®” when “contest” works just fine, or the usage of “tricorder” and related Star Trek imagery when one would think the legal team at Paramount would be dumping a bucket of sand all over that kind of thing.  In any case, I eagerly await the results to see what technology we can marvel at in the near future.


2014: A banner year for the Tower!

The end of the year is the time for the misty & mushy stuff. I tip my virtual hat to The Conduit, The Repeater and Kentucky Slim for being generous enough to let me hop on their hobo train every now & again. I am most thankful for being a small part of the Big Broadcast of 2014, which earned the Tower Trio a place of respect and honor in the annals of human accomplishment.

Thanks also to Mark Cockram – I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to you through that snarled nest of cables and laptops the Tower gang set up to allow for communication across the vast ocean that separates our two countries.

So, I raise a glass of Romulan Ale, pass around the Jelly Babies, Energon Goodies, whatever the hell Bigfoot eats, and salute a job well done!

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Happy Boxing Day: Unbox this Transformers video clip!

I trust everyone has been making merry this week. As an extra merry treat, Takara/Tomy has shared this stop-motion video highlighting their Masterpiece Transformers line. Transformers – roll out, and a happy new year!

Podcast: Tales of Koreageorifornia- S05E16

This week, The Repeater reveals the answer to the cliffhanger that left everyone on the edge of their seat about which television show he’s been enjoying while getting his screaming bundle of joy off to night night land, as well as how this show is stuffing the “doctor who” void in his heart that the last season failed to fill. Also, he refers to his infant daughter as quote unquote “he” late in the show, but we let it slide.

Show Notes:

The Rockford Files Homepage:

Facebook: Rockford Files Fans:

A Tribune to the Rockford Files:

The Thrilling Detective Web Site: Jim Rockford:

The Rockford Files Fans Get Together for their First Festival:

$200 a day, plus expenses

Podcast: The Real Meat – S05E15

The Tower celebrates the triumphant return of The Repeater, fresh from getting his ass kicked by a baby. He shares his 3 a.m. musings, and makes a startling comment about his beloved Doctor Who. Also, the Conduit learns if Emmanuel Lewis is dead or alive. The answer will both shock and amaze you.

Show Notes:
The action figure Repeater DID purchase:

Emmanuel Lewis with Mayim Bialik, circa 1988:

Podcast: S05E14 – Your Future With a Comic

Comic book movies? Ask Daggor and The Conduit! I have no idea…
Rumor Mill: “The female lead” Spider-Man spinoff could be… Aunt May?
Casting: Harley Quinn has been cast for “Suicide Squad.” Margot Robbie ( as seen in Wolf of Wall Street) Wrowr. Jared Leto could be the latest Joker?
Anti-movie news: Ash vs. Evil Dead series on Starz. Spelled with a “Z.”

Podcast addendum: Your childhood is for sale

In the most recent TOT podcast (S05E13), we lament the usage of iconic musicians and actors for commercial gain. Well, Honda has upped the ante, using classic 80’s toys to appeal to Generation X. The He-Man reference I made was just a half-remembered Robot Chicken bit, but Honda is way ahead of me. The commercial series features Jem, Strawberry Shortcake, (60’s-70’s style) G.I. Joe, Stretch Armstrong and He-Man & Skeletor. Enjoy this while you can, former 80’s kids. Skeletor selling automobiles means we have one foot in the grave.

This has to be the last hurrah for Generation X nostalgia. I mean, what’s the next level… The Fonz selling reverse mortgages?

Oh damn it all to hell.

Podcast: Too Many Looks? S05E13

This week, we take a look at some really, really strange celebrity endorsement deals and then examine an Internet meme that kept going, and going, and going…

Acura “hires” dead punk god (and rumored girlfriend stabber) Sid Vicious to sell their luxury automobiles. Seriously. Sid F**king Vicious:

Other odd celebrity endorsement deals:

And here it is should you absolutely need to see it again…you disturbed freak!!

Nerd gifts to be thankful for: MST3K!

The good people at Shout! Factory have another MST3K turkey day marathon as well as DVDs for sale!

Watch the marathon starting 12 noon eastern time today!

EDIT: HEY!  They’re looping ‘MANOS’ right now until then! Cliky clicky!