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Podcast: Apocalypto Nighmarathon 2 – The End Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe conclude our talk with JR Southall on apocalyptic films that grabbed our attention, and then, at the end of all things, we discuss the future of the Tower of Technobabble. Show Notes • White Mountains/Tripods The White Mountains comics from Boys Life Magazine: “The White […]

Mary Ann > Ginger: Exhibit A

Dawn Wells recently posted this photo on her Facebook page. If there were any people out there that still though Ginger somehow trumped Mary Ann… I’ll now accept your apology.   Tweet

Boots of Escaping!

I tend to say “Boots of Escaping” a lot, and maybe I should let people know where I picked that up. Here’s a bit of fun from RENO 911 with some guest appearances by Patton Oswalt. Enjoy the weekend, and see you at the Wonderfest Worlds Record Podcast! Tweet

Well, shit.


Letterman is calling it quits – where does that leave Ferguson?

David Letterman stunned his audience by announcing he planned to retire in 2015 when his current contract runs out. Seismic shifts continue in the talk show landscape. The big question is: “Who will take over when Dave is gone?” Craig Ferguson has a clause that makes him the successor if Dave steps down… but that […]

April Fools Fun for the Tower Faithful

By now you should have seen the Craig Ferguson/Drew Carey switcheroo, and if you have Nat Geo (which is a hipster-slacker way of saying “National Geographic”) you can watch the Rifftrax gang hurl verbal jabs at defenseless creatures starting at 8PM today. My favorite of the day is this bit from Nerdist that gives me […]

Podcast: Neck Bolts and Demon Balls Play in new window | Download | EmbedThis week, we decide to stop chasing bigfoot and go back to an old favorite – chasing ghosts. Also, there might be a new science fiction museum in Washington DC. They wanted Towerbot to be part of their robot hall of fame, but he’s science FACT, baby. […]

Podcast: OMFG Scat! Play in new window | Download | EmbedDaggor joins us as we learn some surprising things about Kentucky Slim, and then we take a personality test and see how we stack up against fictional characters. Spoiler alert: There’s not a Kirk in the bunch of us. We then go into why dogs are like […]

Flos Virginum – S03E46 Tower of Technobabble Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe get ready for the big Doctor Who anniversary, celebrate the glut of superhero stuff about to be on streaming video, complain about the hipsters who will complain about the glut of superhero stuff about to be on streaming video and then go into why the key […]

Podcast: The Who and What of Who Play in new window | Download | EmbedWith the approaching 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, we consult an expert from the United Kingdom to school us on the BBC show, do a run down of each actor who has played the character, and what might be coming in the future. Show Notes The book […]