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Attn: Towerbot! A new career move could be in your future!

The classic (?) series Battlebots is being revived, this time as a reality show!  Just what we needed, a competition show that focuses more on the “personalities” than it does the actual work behind it. Anyhow, I’m eager to find out how many of TB’s weapons are not “regulation.”     Tweet

Cereal Crop “Realist”? I’m A TV Pessimist

Last week I wrote a little post about a crop circle documentary I had fun watching on youtube. The post was titled ‘Cereal Crop Circlist’. Admittedly, it was more from the angle of the fantastic and the perspective of a believer. It was more a study of the believers themselves than a look at the phenomena. I […]

Cereal Crop Circlist

Great documentary on the crop circle phenomena by academy award nominated director William Gazecki. Wonderfully shot, this documentary is a captivating exploration of the subject. The scientific evidence presented is compelling and the investigators, apparently varying from the hardcore scientist to the mystic to a combination of the two, share their experience with the phenomena […]