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You can’t keep the talk show out of the host…


Craig Ferguson may continue being the best talk show host in the game

What do we know about the Repeater? We know he doesn’t get superheros, we know he loves Dr. Who, and that he has trouble keeping up to date with news on the ol’ Tandy. The Repeater also does not keep his affection for Craig Ferguson a secret, and I hope he will be happy to […]

Robin Williams on Craig Ferguson


Well, shit.


Letterman is calling it quits – where does that leave Ferguson?

David Letterman stunned his audience by announcing he planned to retire in 2015 when his current contract runs out. Seismic shifts continue in the talk show landscape. The big question is: “Who will take over when Dave is gone?” Craig Ferguson has a clause that makes him the successor if Dave steps down… but that […]

April Fools Fun for the Tower Faithful

By now you should have seen the Craig Ferguson/Drew Carey switcheroo, and if you have Nat Geo (which is a hipster-slacker way of saying “National Geographic”) you can watch the Rifftrax gang hurl verbal jabs at defenseless creatures starting at 8PM today. My favorite of the day is this bit from Nerdist that gives me […]

Craig Ferguson is going to be on television for a long time

The last piece of the Late-Night puzzle has fallen into place. With the constant re-jiggering of the evening chat show hosts it’s hard to remember who’s on & where they’re on… and WHEN. With Jimmy Fallon set to move to Leno’s Tonight Show spot, Jimmy Kimmel shifted to the 11:30-12:30 spot against Fallon and Letterman, […]

I love a girl piper

My significant other and I both have an “elevator list”, but there’s only one name on each one. The same name in fact: Craig Ferguson. This video is simply one reason we love him so … keep watching til at least the 1:43 mark. I’m also putting this up as a tribute to The Conduit. […]

Food chain explained

Craig Ferguson is the funniest human alive: Tweet