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Robin Williams on Craig Ferguson


Mary Ann > Ginger: Exhibit A

Dawn Wells recently posted this photo on her Facebook page. If there were any people out there that still though Ginger somehow trumped Mary Ann… I’ll now accept your apology.   Tweet

Boots of Escaping!

I tend to say “Boots of Escaping” a lot, and maybe I should let people know where I picked that up. Here’s a bit of fun from RENO 911 with some guest appearances by Patton Oswalt. Enjoy the weekend, and see you at the Wonderfest Worlds Record Podcast! Tweet

Happy 500th, Simpsons!

The Simpsons airs its 500th episode tonight, and the intertubes are abuzz with favorite episodes and quotes. Me, I use “cromulent” in sentences frequently, celebrate victories with the “S-M-R-T” chant, and whenever I can, recite the aurora borealis exchange between Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers. In retrospect, The Simpsons could be quite Pythonian in the […]

Nerd Alert! The Annie Awards are live streaming right now!

Why don’t people tell me these things? The Simpsons and Rango just won writing awards, presented by Brian Posehn and James Hong. Whee! Tweet

Cosplay: The Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros. program has inspired scores of fans to get into this cosplay thing. You can see this interview with some cosplayers and get a glimpse of how they approach the costumes, makeup, and interacting with other cosplayers and normal folk alike. Clicky click the link below. These are people that take their costumes […]