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Reviewing a Review of “Battleship”

I went to see Battleship over the weekend — not my brightest move, but mistakes happen. I’ll go into the whys and hows of it sucking on next week’s podcast, but that’s not what this post is about. No, this post is about the inexplicable positive review from Entertainment Weekly on this same movie. I […]

Alien Armageddon: The Revenge of the Conduit

In my last post, I mentioned that I had fallen for the ol’ bait and switch at the local Redbox, when I rented “Alien Armageddon” when I thought I was getting “Cowboys and Aliens.” Well, I popped the disk in just to see what kind of movie needed that kind of subterfuge. And now I […]

Damn you, Redbox!

All right Redbox, you frothy bastard – you’ve gone too far this time! I made a mistake that moms, dads, grandparents and all types of older people have made over the course of history, and I’m not happy about it — worse: I feel betrayed. So, I go to the local Redbox the other day* and […]

ear X-tacy: Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

The views expressed in this post are Dave’s, and not necessarily the views of The Tower of Technobabble. Those other guys can write their own posts if they wanna.) Let me start off by saying that I myself am a small-business owner. Small businesses are the backbone of this country. Also, I started shopping at […]

Marvel and Williams-Sonoma Not Fight Hunger So Good

As briefly mentioned in the ToT podcast episode 33… Ok. I like food and I like comic book art, but I had never considered the two of them being very compatible. You never see spider-man taking a break from fighting crime to eat a hoagy. Brightly colored super hero costumes don’t look so good with […]

Tell me when it’s over

The Green Lantern movie opens this weekend and, at this point, I’m just spending my time trying to pretend it’s not happening. I have seen several clips from the film, and I think I’ve seen quite enough. From the get-go, I felt Ryan Reynolds was a bad choice for Hal Jordan. He’s too young, and […]

The Case for Piracy?

I’m not advocating doing anything illegal (let’s just clear that up from the get-go), but Adobe made a really good case for illegal downloading with me this morning. Towerbot, engage rant mode. Okay, the new version of some of Adobe’s software came out this week — the CS5.5 packages. I looked, and the only one […]