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Show #3.33 – Sneak Preview!

The Tower gang has been very good today and we all tidied up our rooms – so we got milkshakes! Click here to see a snippet of Episode 3.33: The Season of the Half-A-Witch! Tweet

Twitter Follower Of The Week!

Today is the start of a long running segment, hopefully, called Twitter Follower of the Week in which we pick out one of our Twitter followers to highlight. In light of recent events involving the purchase of LucasArts and Lucasfilm by Disney, I thought it appropriate to highlight this week’s Twitter follower, Yoda Quotes who, […]

Tweet with me. I dare you.

Hey, y’all. Towerbot here. I just set up my very own Twitter account, so I can share my feelings with the world. And, as a special bonus, I’ll announce on my account when the robo-revolution is going down, but I’ll do it 15 minutes early, so you can make your peace with your gods, or […]

Overheard on Twitter…

• “I really don’t want to read ‘Santorum, pulling out’ again.” @kellyoxford (Runner up: “If weddings were for couples there would be men’s wedding magazines.”) • “I kind of want to see the new Footloose but I don’t want to spoil the sweet memory of just how badly the first one blew.” @michaeljnelson • “Dear […]

What I Learned from Twitter This Week

1. Man Suffers Heart Attack While Eating ‘Triple Bypass Burger’ at Heart Attack Grill @DRUNKHULK 2. Rifftrax crew finished recording “Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 1:The Long National Nightmare is Almost Over” @kwmurphy 3. “Adele performs three songs in a cluttered NPR office, backed by one guitar and one keyboard. Top THAT.” @Ihnatko 4. […]

What I Learned from Twitter This Week

1. The CURE is right @JamesUrbaniak 2. PARENTING FAIL: Dad of the Year Mass-Texts Teen Girl’s Nude Pic to ‘Teach Her a Lesson’ @publishersteve 3. Your Thought For Today: In 2011, Hostess sold 36M packages of Twinkies. Apple sold 37M iPhones…in the LAST QUARTER ALONE. @Ihnatko 4. If you get arrested at a […]

What I Learned from Twitter This Week

• The Tennessee GOP has continued their assault on gay rights with the “license to bully” bill. If passed, the Tennessee “license to bully” bill would allow students to justify bullying their gay peers by pointing to a political or religious conviction. – @SethGreen ( • Tony Danza has played seven (7) guys named “Tony” […]