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Podcast: The Real Meat – S05E15 Play in new window | Download | EmbedThe Tower celebrates the triumphant return of The Repeater, fresh from getting his ass kicked by a baby. He shares his 3 a.m. musings, and makes a startling comment about his beloved Doctor Who. Also, the Conduit learns if Emmanuel Lewis is dead or alive. The answer […]

The new Doctor is such a tease(r)

A new short taste of the latest & greatest Doctor just for you, because that’s how The Tower does it! Tweet

Nerdology talks Doctor Who with Repeater

Friends, if you’ve ever listened to our little pretend internet radio show, you’ve no doubt heard me go on and on (and on and on) about that British TV institution Doctor Who.  You could say that yes, I am a fan. But let me tell you, there are several levels of fans when it comes […]

The Story of the Doctors….

Hey ho, there! Our very own Repeater recently sat down and explored the path of The Doctor using a medium not used nearly often enough, as far as we’re concerned – action figures! Enjoy! Tweet

Be The Doctor!

A lovely Google Doodle from New Zealand lets you play The Doctor in a game that is part Pitfall Harry and part Crystal Castles. Sorry, Matt Smith-era fans… you might need a Tardis to understand my references. You write what you know! Anyway, please to enjoy… HERE!   Tweet

Podcast: The Who and What of Who Play in new window | Download | EmbedWith the approaching 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, we consult an expert from the United Kingdom to school us on the BBC show, do a run down of each actor who has played the character, and what might be coming in the future. Show Notes The book […]

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary – Save the Day!

The Repeater is too busy watching and re-watching the 50-year “The Day of the Doctor” trailer to post it himself. It’s how anniversary celebrations should be done – with nods to all versions of the Doctor. So watch. And re-watch. Tweet

Podcast: Pros and Cons – S03E32 Play in new window | Download | EmbedDaggor gives us his report on the 2013 Fandom Fest in Louisville (spoiler alert: a lot of people, including a former doctor and two former captains weren’t happy). We then look at the latest Doctor Who, and see if we approve. Then, just when you think the […]

(Guest) Podcast: We’ll Meltdown with You Play in new window | Download | EmbedWhile we were at WonderFest a couple of weeks ago, The Repeater and I were asked to be guests on what has become the Tower’s sister podcast, Movie Meltdown (step-sister podcast? first cousin twice removed podcast? I’ll admit, I don’t understand such things)! Suffice to say that […]

Podcast: Frank and Bean Scene Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe discuss terrible drivers, terrible daughters, potentially good news on the star wars front and the troubling onset of nerd-on-nerd violence. Pick your side and come out swingin’! Personally, we’ll pick whichever side Towerbot is on (military laser and all). Show Notes: • Idiot Hits a biker, […]