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Podcast: Illegitimate Review Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe look at some real end of the world stuff. I mean, ghost-hunting, pope-quitting, rocks-falling-out-of-the-sky kind of situations. Towerbot also drops some existential bombs in our Ask Towerbot section, The Repeater continues to get his geek hole filled, and there’s finally proof about Bigfoot. The only question […]

Podcast: iWash Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe get an update on The Repeater’s MySpace adventure, and then go into other outdated forms of communications. Towerbot answers a question about the Tower’s emergency equipment we have unhand when our roughhousing gets too severe (a.k.a. when Towerbot hurts us too bad), and then it’s The […]

Don Rosa: “Why I Quit.”

The intended epilogue to the Don Rosa Collection was rejected by Disney and, as a result, has been been published online for all to see. It is a must-read for anyone that is a fan of Don Rosa’s work, a fan of comics in general, or anyone that works in a field that involves creativity.  […]

Podcast: Stumbling Out of the Gate Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe kick off our 100th episode and our third season just like you imagine we would. Completely unprepared. We look at drug dispensing daughters, Twilight piddle, why spider-man has become a mexican soap opera and the exciting case of bigfoot in a box. Show Notes: Daughter of […]

This Might be Why the Repeater Doesn’t Understand Superheroes

Okay, so, the Repeater found this old ad for superhero action figures (they’re not dolls! Although one could make the case that these, indeed are dolls.) It actually clears something up for me, why one of the Repeater’s many catch phrases is “Dave, I don’t understand superheroes.” As the Tower’s resident comic authority, it falls […]

Hoohah! An Embarassment of Don Rosa Riches!

As if the Captain Kentucky/Pertwillaby Papers collections weren’t enough, a  new Indiegogo pre-order campaign is up for The Early (So-Called) Art of Don Rosa! Not only are all of Rosa’s illustrations from his Information Center column in this book, but stuff going back through his days in college and high school. It will even contain […]

You need to own the Don Rosa collection

The collected early (and best, IMO) work of Don Rosa is being offered as a short run, mostly for the benefit of international fans of his Uncle Scrooge work. I cannot state in words how highly I recommend these. These strips, done in the 70s/80s, were way ahead of their time and would make excellent […]

Podcast: The 10 Suggestions Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe ponder on what the Hulk and Iron Man smell like, and then look at a new take on the 10 commandments, probably breaking several of them in the process. Show Notes: • Avengers cologne – or, for the entire line • 10 new Commandments? […]

The Watchmen prepare for their trip into mediocrity

DC and their lousy logo have announced a handful of Watchmen prequel books. Time to pull out this classic…     Tweet