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Man with ability to read my thoughts tries to clobber Michael Bay

The Hong Kong leg of shooting for Transformers 4 is underway and the action is even more over-the-top. News reports say an unknown person – not involved with the production – heaved an air conditioner at Michael Bay’s noggin. The Sultan of  ‘Splodin’ is apparently OK, and richer by one air conditioner. The similarity of […]

Confused and Afraid: Transformers 4 Casting News

I’m not really sure what this sensation is I’m feeling. The latest cast member of Transformers 4 has me experiencing a positive emotion, and it doesn’t feel right. Maybe I’ll just go with it. While I shudder to think how bad TF4 could end up being, you all KNOW I’ll be watching it in theaters. […]

Transformers-like News: Megan Fox All Wrong for TMNT Movie

This is old news with a new update. For reasons likely associated with money, Transformers film director Michael Bay has seemingly made all nice-nice with former TF star Megan Fox. The announcement was made some time back that she will be playing April O’Neil in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie Bay is producing, causing […]

Filling The Black Hole

I just learned that the Repeater has a Geek Hole that needs filling as well – a BLACK Hole! The Black Hole is a movie that is on my “Yeah, you should see this” list. I will avoid spoilers, only to tell you that Slim Pickens pops up, and the superb score (check out the […]

Cosplay: The Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros. program has inspired scores of fans to get into this cosplay thing. You can see this interview with some cosplayers and get a glimpse of how they approach the costumes, makeup, and interacting with other cosplayers and normal folk alike. Clicky click the link below. These are people that take their costumes […]

Cosplay Addendum: The Repeater’s Worst Nightmare

It’s gonna be a busy next couple of weeks for the Repeater. Now any yo-yo off the street can buy a spiffy, 70’s-movie-quality Bigfoot costume off the rack and go tromping around from bar to bar during the Halloween season, or jump out from behind bushes to scare the Snickers out of unsuspecting 5-year-olds. There […]

Back to the Future 1.5

Well, now were are getting into “embarrassment of riches” territory. Christopher Lloyd has reprised his role as Doc Brown yet again in a commercial for the 2011 Nike Mag. Featuring the original location for the Twin/Lone Pine Mall, this clip suffers from cutesey-ness, but it could actually be considered part of the “lost time” from […]

Doctor makes house call, about four years early

I saw this over a week ago and I assumed the “Internet had it” and everybody in the whole wide world was aware of this bit of video, but I still see it pop up here and there as being new. So! I want to make sure nobody misses this. I wish there had been […]

Double punch to the gut, via movie remakes

I finally figured out what was sticking in my craw. I have been grousing about the remakes of “Planet of the Apes” and “Fright Night,” a good deal recently (sometimes out loud, sometimes under my breath to the glow of a computer monitor). I suppose my venom has been directed at the potential overshadowing of […]


The reviews are coming in and Rotten Tomatoes has (Rise of the) Planet of the Apes at 80% fresh. Reviews often don’t mean much, but I’m watching the success of this film for a few reasons. Number one is my unfaltering, passionate hatred for James Franco. I’d like to see this thing tank just to […]