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Podcast: Too Many Looks? S05E13 Play in new window | Download | EmbedThis week, we take a look at some really, really strange celebrity endorsement deals and then examine an Internet meme that kept going, and going, and going… Acura “hires” dead punk god (and rumored girlfriend stabber) Sid Vicious to sell their luxury automobiles. Seriously. Sid F**king Vicious: […]

Nerd gifts to be thankful for: MST3K!

The good people at Shout! Factory have another MST3K turkey day marathon as well as DVDs for sale! Watch the marathon starting 12 noon eastern time today! EDIT: HEY!  They’re looping ‘MANOS’ right now until then! Cliky clicky! Tweet

Thank you, Harold Ramis. You’ve earned it.

“Egon, I’m gonna take back some of the things I’ve said about you. You… you’ve earned it.”     Tweet

Podcast: Steak n’ Shakin’ It Play in new window | Download | EmbedWe take our made up radio show on the road and talk about the film “Starship Troopers,” the target of the recent live RiffTrax show. Show Notes: Starship Troopers: Rifftrax: Behind the scenes Vines!: The Great Shake Debate: Mic Check: Man on Man […]

Show #3.33 – Sneak Preview!

The Tower gang has been very good today and we all tidied up our rooms – so we got milkshakes! Click here to see a snippet of Episode 3.33: The Season of the Half-A-Witch! Tweet

How The Troggs’ Reg Presley Inspired “Spinal Tap”

A dear friend brought this to my attention: Once again, Spinal Tap amazes me. Their finger on the pulse of the music world in the same way that an imbecile performs a tracheotomy on a perfectly well person. Thank God for Spinal Tap. Tweet

Too awesome

I can’t really add anything to this, except to say “Do yourself a favor and watch this.” Tweet

Fran Dresher walks among us…

Fran Drescher, actress of “The Nanny” fame, admits in an interview that she believes she was abducted by aliens and has a chip implanted in her hand, possibly designed to control her behavior and movement. After reading the article, you will see in the quote she attributes the chip to why she met her husband […]

Very Authentic Sounding Skyrim Strategy

WARNING!! VIDEO CONTAINS EXTREMELY COARSE LANGUAGE Have you ever wondered how terrifying it would be to have been an innocent civilian Anglo-Saxon as the Viking horde comes to your village and destroys everything in sight in the most brutal way possible? You’ve never wondered that? Seriously?!? Let me give you an idea. I’ve hired a […]

TOT Alert! It’s Bacon!!!

The Rifftrax LIVE Bacon Cam is up an running at the time of this posting (4:30PM, Eastern)! Do you like watching paint dry? OK, then they have just found something even better. They’re cookin’ bacon, for all to see. They cook bacon, they talk bacon – it’s all sizzle, baby, uncensored! Hokey smokes – it’s […]