About | Tower of Technobabble


Hello, we live in a tower. Not a silver tower, or a glass one, or one made of stone. Just the average everyday virtual tower that exists in the mind of every nerd. The minute you witnessed something fantastical, real or imaginary, and wondered to yourself: “what the …”, well, you laid the foundation. And when you expand on that — such as seeing a film with spaceships, and wondering how the people manage to not float around inside those spaceships — then you’ve expanded the foundation of your tower up into the air and you’re right now as we speak on the phone getting an estimate for triple-paned replacement windows. And if you have ever, I mean EVER pondered on what would reversing the polarity of the neutron flow REALLY do, then you’ve pretty much installed crown molding and put a mailbox on your tower.

That’s who we are.