Podcast: Supergirl, Superhorse and The Vibe


This week the Repeater drives the Conduit into a rageaholic fit by going into why he just doesn’t get superheroes. Also, a bigfoot anniversary of sorts, Star Wars coins and the triumphant return of SETI.

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Show links:
• SETI is back!

• 2008 Bigfoot freezer anniversary, hoaxer claims body stolen by government

• SPACE BUCKS! Star Wars characters to appear on REAL money:

• The Top Ten Lamest Superheroes of All Time
http://popcultureaddict.com/comic-books/lamestsuperheroes-htm/ (Update – Cypher WAS brought back, and made a bit more of a bad-ass by being able to “read” body language and becoming a skilled fighter, so there’s that – http://marvel.com/universe/Cypher_%28Douglas_Ramsey%29)

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