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To All Things, An Ending….

You might have noticed that we here at the Tower have been quiet for the past few weeks. There’s been a lot going on, what with new projects to tend and new humans to take care of, and our energy, sadly, is not a limitless resource. And so, after 195 episodes, one Guinness World Record (whether Guinness wants to admit to it or not) and A LOT of talk, we’ve decided that it’s time for the Tower of Technobabble podcast to set sail and head into the West, or blow up our property because the railroad bought the land, etc. We are, however, going to have one final free-for-all episode to cap off five seasons of whatever it was we did. If you’ve never called our voice mail to leave us a message to be played on the show or sent an email, you have one final chance. Call us at 502.286.9372 (or 502.2TOWER2), or email us at

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