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Podcast addendum: Your childhood is for sale

In the most recent TOT podcast (S05E13), we lament the usage of iconic musicians and actors for commercial gain. Well, Honda has upped the ante, using classic 80’s toys to appeal to Generation X. The He-Man reference I made was just a half-remembered Robot Chicken bit, but Honda is way ahead of me. The commercial series features Jem, Strawberry Shortcake, (60’s-70’s style) G.I. Joe, Stretch Armstrong and He-Man & Skeletor. Enjoy this while you can, former 80’s kids. Skeletor selling automobiles means we have one foot in the grave.

This has to be the last hurrah for Generation X nostalgia. I mean, what’s the next level… The Fonz selling reverse mortgages?

Oh damn it all to hell.

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