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This is it!

The Tower of Technobabble doesn’t really endorse Kickstarters, and I cannot personally suggest anybody should hand over their money for anything, but this video is worth a look.

Its a mother-lovin’ HOVERBIKE. and It elicits an enthusiastic “This is it!” exclamation from yours truly a la Doc Brown, due to the most “proof-of-conceptish” proof of concept I’ve seen that fixes the problem we’ve had with the glaring lack of flying cars here in the 21st century. I do not think this is 100% the answer – repeat – I do not think this is the answer. But it’s soooo close…

As always, these videos show “drones” (as we have come to know them) in a best case scenario. No riders moving about, no… say, WIND or RAIN or onlookers throwing crap at it, so buyer beware. More to the point everybody beware, ’cause I still don’t see how safe these things can be. It’s still a small helicopter moving about in public. The protection needs to be beefed up, IMO. You could get clothing or hair caught in the blades, run afoul of bugs or even the tail of a pet. This is going to get messy. And while motorcycles are super cool, as Kentucky Slim can attest, I see this contraption as needing some manner of chassis. I mean, we at least put a rollbar on dune buggys for Pete’s sake.  Methinks a helmet isn’t gonna cut it the first time these go wrong.

But I pontificate. Check out the video and all of your concerns will melt away like vanilla soft serve on an August afternoon. This could be the flying car we all crave – or, for the more adventurous (read: younger) a HOVERBOARD.


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