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Gone (for a bit), but not forgotten

If you’ve notice that we’ve been pretty silent at the ol’ Tower for the past couple of weeks, it’s because we haven’t said anything recently (except for Daggor, God love ‘im – he’s our constant heartbeat).

After four years, including a marathon 40-hour world-record attempt, the Tower crew (mostly the Conduit) needed a breather. So, we decided to take part of the summer off, unplug, and generally recharge. The Repeater is in full nesting mode waiting for his bundle of joy, Kentucky Slim had a bizarre number of family obligations, and The Conduit is prepping to visit his ancestral home of Scotland (more on that later). We’re also retooling the show a bit and taking stock of our situation and generally recharging

Season 5 is set to commence in mid- to late August, with the same amount of gusto we’ve always brought (enthusiastically half-assing it the best we know how).

See you on the other side (of Summer vacation)!

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