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Bigfoot: Testing the Fences in Our Own Backyard!

Bigfoot is taking advantage of the Tower gang’s downtime by practically waving his privates at The Conduit, The Repeater and Kentucky Slim kentucky_bigfoot— cavorting in our neck of the woods and heaving junk at innocent humans. What is the devious plan of this rogue Sasquatch? Does he plan to go tag team on our asses with the Pope Lick Goat Fella? The Tower cannot return to full capacity & fortify its defenses soon enough, or I fear this could result in the loss of life and/or limb. See the honest-to-goodness firsthand testimony below, and a write up in a respected news outlet here.

Red alert, Kentuckans and Hoosiers: if you hear this business, run like hell and give us a call.

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