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Show them you love them with the Hate Plague.

Sometimes when I’m listening to the Tower gang I forget I’m not actually on the podcast that week and start talking to them. This was one of those weeks. When they were discussing 28 Days Later, I was reminded of the classic 2-part episode of The Transformers: “The Return of Optimus Prime.” (Spoiler alert: Optimus Prime stops being dead). What kind of emergency would necessitate the resurrection of Optimus? Why, the galaxy-wide spread of the Hate Plague, a disease of sorts that causes the infected to fall into a constant blood-red rage. They even TURN red! Here is a mash-up of 28 Days Later and footage from that episode.

And any discussion about the apocalypse is not complete if we don’t tip our hat to Thundarr the Barbarian, the quiet classic 80’s toon that looks like Star Wars and He-Man had sweet carnal relations in a Hanna-Barbera studio.

Thanks for the shout out, guys. I like shout outs.



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