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Podcast: Sleep Deprivation Theater

We’re giving you our presentation of the Sam Spade radio classic “The Blood Money Caper,” performed by our trio of scratchy throated players from their world record attempt at Wonderfest last month. All apologies to the hard workin’, hard drinkin’, hard lovin’ writers and actors from 1946 who originally brought this to the airwaves. For maximum effect, I’d recommend staying awake for 27 hours before listening – at that point, it’s gold.

Show Notes:
Some background on our play:

The actual script, if you’d like to play along:

Another take on it by others who have had sleep and have actual girls for the girl roles:

Not the play we performed, but if you’d like to hear the actual announcer give the wildly sexist “Wildroot Creme-Oil for the Hair” announcement, you’re in luck! Hurry up, gals! June, the month of weddings, is over! But you can still bag the man of your dreams!

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