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Hey, now that we’ve gotten some shut eye and are coherent again (or as coherent as it gets), we can now say….


We hit our target of 40 straight hours of Webcasting from the Wonderfest convention this past weekend, breaking the former Guinness Book of World Records entry by almost four hours. More details, including an archive of the whole thing, will be coming as soon as we wade through the photos and files we collected.

We cannot thank enough our witnesses, our lovely stewards (who are also our lovely wives), our guests, our listeners and the fine folks at Wonderfest for allowing us to attempt this harebrained stunt in the first place. Also, Towerbot got his head autographed by special effects legend Phil Tippett, which is just one of those things you can’t ever plan for.

We noticed one factor right away – We had 20 people show up (two people every four hours) to be witnesses and everyone (EVERY ONE) showed up, without fail, on time. When’s the last time you tried to get 20 people to do something? It just goes to show that we have the bestest friends around.

Again, more details in the near future (we believe our best psychotic break happened in hour 27, but we’ll have to review the tapes), and a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone involved. We had a blast and we hope that came through loud and clear.

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