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Transformers 4 … wait… WHAT?

Well, color me gobsmacked.  I was convinced that newish character Lockdown (first seen in Cartoon Network’s Transformers Animated) was being brought into the Bayverse continuity as a herald for Unicron. We hear Lockdown speak for the first time in this commercial and what he says suggests otherwise…and it makes the Bay films even stickier.  “You were built.” promptly brings to mind the Quintessons, a race of 5-faced bio-mechanical thingamabobs that served as an obstacle before getting to Unicron in 1986’s Transformers: The Movie, but were explained in season 3 of the series as being the creatures that actually constructed the Transformers as a slave race (split into peaceful and warrior factions, ‘natch).

This intrigues me, but the Quintesson “origin story” is the one I personally shrug off as the comics served up a preferable origin, giving us Primus as the Godly creator ying to Unicron’s destructive yang.

Adult Transformers fans serve as spies and routinely spread the word when a recognizable name pops up in databases for trademarks or retail sales, and there’s no mention of the Quints, so perhaps this is somebody entirely new? Perhaps even Unicron anyway?

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