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How would YOU spend $250 million?

Interesting video by Pierre Sprey, co-designer of the F-16, putting forth his theories on why the F35 is a total waste of material and money. He says, basically, it’s a jack of all trades, but sucks at all of them. Crap fighter (short wings for VTOL means no maneuverability), crap troop support (no maneuverability means it can’t fly slow enough stay in the area long enough to actually support troops), crap bomber (can only hold two big bombs) and crap stealth (he has an interesting take on why ALL stealth planes are a bit of a silly proposition). It reminds me of the argument that Hitler basically gave up any hope of air superiority late in the war by making the ME-262, the first jet fighter that showed promise in that ear, into a bomber, effectively doing away with its speed and maneuverability advantages.

But, hey, the F35s are projected to only cost between $250,000,000 and $350,000,000 a piece. There’s no other place that money would be better spent, right?

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