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Hours 31-40

Hour 31 (Sunday, 2 a.m. – 3 a.m.)
  • Daggor is still hanging with us, which is a godsend because he’s the only one not losing the battle with sleep! Then a word from our sponsor
  • Repeater tries to get someone to talk Game of Thrones with him, and fails.
  • MEMORY TRIGGER STAR WARS FIGURE of the HOUR 31: Daggor pulls out Lando Calrissian. (Yeah, we know, we didn’t do one for hour 29 or 30)
  • Daggor tells us about the emotions he’s heard on the podcast so far from the different people we’ve talked to. He’s been impressed by the positive nerdy people who can manage both a nerd life and a real job. Conduit realizes that everyone has a story, even when they say they don’t.
  • Repeater misses Frankenstein and Mumbles the Werewolf.
  • Quick production meeting to set up next hour’s Doctor Who commentary, while Conduit and Daggor discuss room service and the people at the hotel.
  • Daggor tells us about prank call – pizza races from his youth. Kids, don’t do it. It will end in tears.
  • Repeater spills the beans on Gina’s Game of Thrones obsession
  • Ky Slim takes a break
  • Repeater does not get superheroes: We return to the next three points from the article called “8 Superhero Tropes Too Silly for Live-Action”, stuff like young children as sidekicks, pets as superheroes, http://www.toplessrobot.com/2014/02/post_8.php
  • Daggor and Conduit briefly talk about cartoonist Don Rosa
  • Ky Slim returns, but elects to camp out in the room and nap under the Cylon exhibit half-way down the room.
  • HEADLINE: Drones outlawed in two national parks http://www.livescience.com/45395-drones-banned-national-parks.html
  • Teddy Roosevelt “kidnapped” lead to even more national parks http://www.omgfacts.com/History/President-Roosevelt-was-once-kidnapped-a/61266
  • Repeater takes a break
  • Daggor and Conduit discuss the wonderful shower facilities at the Louisville Crowne Plaza Hotel … so nice … http://www.cplouisville.com/
  • Daggor reports on how easy it is to be Leonard Nimoy’s honorary grandchild http://www.neatorama.com/2014/01/17/Leonard-Nimoy-Is-Offering-to-Be-Everyones-Grandfather/#!4knE0
  • James Doohan’s ashes are in orbit http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/24/showbiz/spacex-scottys-ashes/
  • Following interesting people on social media: George Takei, Bill Murray, Brian Michael Bendis
  • Conduit had cartoonist Don Rosa’s phone number, and ponders an interview with him. Daggor talks about writing him letters back in the day, and they geek out on his career and current appearances. Also maintaining the brand and hot peppers …. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Rosa
  • Cards against humanity? And Conduit jokes tells it like it is about southern ladies
  • The Jim Jones school of podcasting
  • Daggor is impressed by all the macs
  • Repeater returns … flanked by rowdy drunk nerds in the hallway
  • Two birds — one shirt
  • Quick production meeting. Conduit presses all the buttons and crosses all the wires to allow Repeater to call up Mark Cockram in England.
  • Mark writes in on Skype, and compliments Daggor on his artistic skills.
  • Mark Cockram from England calls in on Skype!! He’s in our virtual red interview chair … it’s roughly 3 am for us, and 8 am for him. Repeater explains to Mark the set up of the room we’re in, how it’s decorated, where Ky Slim is sleeping, and the rowdy nerds out in the hall. Mark tells us how he’s been listening in to several hours of the podcast thanks to his 5-month old son Tom keeping him up all night. We get a weather report from England, and then talk babies.
  • hour32heading
    Hour 32 (Sunday, 3 a.m. – 4 a.m.)
  • Mark Cockram from England has called in over Skype, and is hanging with Repeater to talk about their mutual obsession: Doctor Who. Mark (the human palindrome) is a great friend of ours from across the Atlantic, and hosts his own podcast called “Nerdology UK” http://nerdology-cockers.blogspot.com/ as well as being one of the four regular hosts of fantastic Doctor Who fan podcast called “The Blue Box Podcast.” http://www.starburstmagazine.com/podcasts/blue-box-podcast-listen-to-the-latest-episoide
  • Mark says “hello” to Conduit, and meets Daggor
  • A word from our sponsor …. (although what Daggor and Mark are talking about sounds just as interesting … sleepy Repeater should have anticipated that)
  • Daggor and Mark discuss Chick Tracts, and the challenge of performing Satan
  • Repeater confides about his bald problems and mirrors
  • Repeater and Mark discuss a recent poll on the best and worst Doctor Who stories and lead actors http://www.doctorwhotv.co.uk/the-top-stories-doctors-according-to-dwm-2014-63506.htm
  • We rearrange the chairs to prepare for the commentary, and Repeater explains to Mark how he’s surrounded by computers (and has no idea how it all works). Mark and Daggor provide hold music
  • As noted above, Mark and Repeater are HUGE Doctor Who nerds. So to help pass the time, they settle in to do a live commentary for a 4-part Doctor Who serial from 1979, “The Horns of Nimon” starring Tom Baker.

    To be completely honest, this is NOT considered one of the best outings the classic series has to offer. Some have gone so far as to label it Doctor Who’s equivalent of “Plan 9 From Outer Space.” But it ain’t the worst, not by a long shot! (I’m looking at you “Twin Dilemma” and “Fear Her”.)

    What this story does have in abundance is: FUN. So while some fans may dislike this low-budget epic, Mark and Repeater choose to instead embrace the wonderfulness that oozes through every scene, every over-the-top line delivery, every example of “by the numbers” acting they see! In short, this ain’t for everyone … but for two Doctor Who fans like Repeater and Mark it’s a lovely way to burn up two hours at 3 a.m. on a Sunday! Plus, Lalla Ward totally rocks a hunting outfit. Aww, bliss … http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/classic/episodeguide/hornsofnimon/detail.shtml

  • They begin with episode #1 of “Horns of Nimon” … and the geek-out begins. We get into things like hipster heating ducts, the British children’s show Blue Peter, K-9’s second voice, the two Romanas, how your perceptions of an episode changes through your life, guys in the future have no peripheral vision, Graham Crowden, Waiting for God, Tenko, Cabin Pressure, Tom “hearts” Lalla, the coming change in tone the next season, WKPC 15 and their Doctor Who schedule and how it colored Repeater’s feelings of Peter Davison, the DVD release healed Mark’s feelings but also included “The Time Monster” and “Underworld”, changing clothes in the TARDIS, the ancient battered ship looks too new, the blonde background extra with the weird faces, Roman and Vader, crap monsters and the Blue Box Podcast, the last Dudley Simpson
  • Episode #2 of “Horns of Nimon” … and we talk about split scan smoke and mirrors, full of life and sparkle, first prize ribbons in Britain are red?, the actors are having a lot of fun, the synth flute test scene, slow bowler?, Nimon backs, the funny walk and roller skates, Flash Gordon confessions, sci-fi crib sheets, wet defined, Soldeed is high on life, the acting of Princess Teacup, 3-named celebrities, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, the wacky TARDIS noises, Daggor’s opinion of the visuals, the bull’s voice, the old guys in the council: yay, the co-pilot looks like Beethoven, the good idea of the maze, and we pause episode 2 for the hour break.
  • hour33heading
    Hour 33 (Sunday, 4 a.m. – 5 a.m.)
  • Mark Cockram from England is with us via Skype, and he is joining Repeater to watch an old Doctor Who episode from 1979 called “Horns of Nimon.”
  • But first we pause episode #2 for a word from our sponsor … via Daggor … coached by Repeater.
  • Daggor discovers Ky Slim’s foley desk
  • MEMORY TRIGGER STAR WARS FIGURE of the HOUR 33: Daggor pulls out the AT-ST Driver … the chicken walker guy. (yeah, we didn’t do one in hour 32!)
  • Mark and Repeater return to the Doctor Who “Horns of Nimon” episode 2 commentary where they left off from the end of last hour. They talk about the Doctor tinkering, aim for the crotch, watching the extras, simple practical effects, Mark explains the national theater, Sir Laurence Olivier in Doctor Who?, nonchalant evil thugs, why did JNT turn down charming ideas? Tom Baker’s last year, the changing door-opening control knob, Mark tells a Beethoven joke, Repeater wants Big Finish to do his back story.
  • Mark reveals that he bought some comic books (to make Conduit smile), they were Doctor Who comics (to make Repeater smile), and explains the Humble Bundle concept.
  • Repeater and Mark ponder Big Finish and its many ranges … the costs?
  • Daggor is appreciated
  • Episode #3 of “Horns of Nimon” … and we talk about Tom Baker’s first season costume, Seth let’s everyone know he’s the alpha, Beethoven is an angry baby, the set designers watched “Ark in Space”, Bugs Bunny vs the bull, Albuquerque, the round-faced extra is straight out of Peanuts, space collars, chavs, Burberry, Kraftwerk, high heeled stretch, no drapes in space, Aneth / Austria?, GOT IT!, psycho-spore? awkward hand tool on Skonos, one lever does it all, what’s on Soldeed’s head?, old Hell’s Angels, Repeater turns up the volume so Daggor can hear the Nimon roar, adorable hide and seek, the old middle-aged football plot in US sitcoms, is Princess Teacup pretty? Mark gets thrown off Skype and calls back, bulls and hard-boiled eggs, I’ve seen 3 Nimons, awkward cosplay moments don’t apply to Doctor Who monsters, JNT’s costume demands, you meddling fool, the Colin Baker cliffhanger.
  • Mark congratulates Daggor for sitting through “Horns of Nimon” without sound
  • Conduit is back from break
  • Episode #4 of “Horns of Nimon” … and we talk about the last time we’ll see the time tunnel intro, the art of ret-conning, the plastic horns — crap or cool?, budget Luke Skywalker, volume is turned up to hear Soldeed’s evil laugh, Dengar head, Bossk in Empire Strikes Back is wearing an astronaut costume from old Doctor Who episodes, oh my prophetic soul, gravitic anomalizer, shooting in the chest to make a point, Top of the Pops and Soul Train, Kasey Kasem did a walk-about in Washington state, whaaaaat?, Daggor loves the Nimon roar, embrace your inner Nimon, kids hide the same way in Britain and America, rain makes corn, hiding behind the transparent shower door, protecting your monster crotch (hung like a Nimon), the short marriage of Tom Baker and Lalla Ward, Richard Dawkins, why do they keep shooting in the crotch? Bugs Bunny and bull who swallows the shotgun, Repeater will miss the colorful scarf, hard for alien bulls to keep your balance in heels, when will the Seth action figure come out?
  • hour34heading
    Hour 34 (Sunday, 5 a.m. – 6 a.m.)
  • Mark Cockram from England is with us via Skype, and he and Repeater are nearly finished watching episode #4 of the 1979 Doctor Who story “Horns of Nimon.” We are talking about jazz hands!, teenage embarrassment, Lalla Ward defends K9, the volume is turned up so Daggor can experience the wonder of Graham Crowden’s over the top death scene, meddlesome hussy, Nimon’s morning routine, stay together cheeks, Repeater glimpses his future, the same set pieces used over and over again, a meaningful explosion, Lalla’s wrinkled-up nose, shouldn’t the heart of the TARDIS be turning everyone into Bad Wolfs?, Mark explains that Tom Baker can do whatever he likes, Repeater reveals his favorite Doctor, Tom Baker is unique and genuine … is William Shatner an act?, Have I Got News for You and Never Mind the Buzzcocks
  • Mark tells Conduit about dipping his toes back into the Comic Book pool via Humble Bundle
  • Mark signs off from England. We love Mark, and you can check out more from him at his “Nerdology UK” podcast http://nerdology-cockers.blogspot.com/ or from the Doctor Who podcast he helps present called “The Blue Box” http://www.starburstmagazine.com/doctor-who-podcast-episodes
  • Daggor talks about the documentary “That Guy … Who Was in That Thing” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2402200/
  • We decide to let Ky Slim sleep-in til 6 a.m. … he’s still cuddled up on the floor across the room, under the watchful red eye of the life-size Cylon model.
  • Daggor asks for Mark Cockram and Repeater to do more Doctor Who commentaries
  • We briefly ponder finishing our “Empire Strikes Back” production, but realize we can’t go on without Slim.
  • A VERY LATE word from our sponsor with Conduit and Daggor — mornin’ dj style
  • MEMORY TRIGGER STAR WARS FIGURE of the HOUR 34: Daggor pulls out a Jawa
  • We again talk about the proper names for Star Wars toys: AT-AT, Walrus Man, etc…
  • Daggor talks with us about about past conventions he’s attended, and how they stack up with Wonderfest … like Botcon http://www.botcon.com/BotCon2014/ We also ponder how effective a “celebrity” is as a convention draw, like you James Marsters, your Penny Marshalls, etc….
  • Daggor gives a “State of the Transformers” report. Things are awkward for old-school bot fans, and the price for toys keep getting higher while the sizes keep getting smaller. And how complex do you make them? Also, little boys don’t tend to like pink robots. Repeater doesn’t get the concept of robot gender.
  • Daggor contemplates signing off to take a nap, but Repeater talks him into staying 10 more minutes.
  • Repeater reminisces on some Transformer Toys from the 80s he still has … he needs to make room for the new baby, and aks Daggor for ebay advice. Daggor has a “special room” for such things. Why can’t they back-engineer a Swoop? http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=File:G1_Swoop_toy.jpg&limit=20
  • Action figure talk …. Is it good or bad that Hasbro does Star Wars toys? The crappy 3.5 inch Doctor Who figure line, price points vs quality, the crappy Silver Knight Optimus Prime scam that Daggor believes is a way to trick parents http://tformers.com/official-silver-knight-optimus-prime-and-grimlock-titan-scale-age-of-extinction-figure-images/23248/news.html
  • Where is Repeater’s iPad?
  • hour35heading
    Hour 35 (Sunday, 6 a.m. – 7 a.m.)
  • Daggor is still with us for a few more minutes, and wonders if the three guys actually need to be awake for the podcast to continue
  • MEMORY TRIGGER STAR WARS FIGURE of the HOUR 35: Daggor pulls out Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi.
  • Daggor out! He thanks the witnesses, and makes sure Ky Slim still has his blankey.
  • A word from our sponsor … via Repeater’s sleepy mouth and Conduit’s more awake mouth.
  • A word of encouragement from Mark Cockram
  • Repeater wants to go mobile, but Skype is not cooperating. Oh no, wait, it’s because he’s sleepy and can’t see the button properly.
  • Repeater gives an audio tour of the large room they are recording in, before the regular convention goers come in for the day: He starts at Ethan Black’s table to see his art prints on display, then moves on to a great table with Star Trek models and props like the Botany Bay, phasers, the universal translator, a disruptor pistol, the Salt Vampire’s head. He sees a Space Academy ship he doesn’t recognize. Next is a presentation on how to apply “Planet of the Apes” makeup. Then the Seaview, and a 1978 Battlestar Galactica full-size Cylon prop (only the red light isn’t flashing). Next is an orange spacesuit from 2001 Space Odyssey with a convenient zipper. Next are tables for concept artists/designers Eric Chu and John Eaves (but they’re not there because it’s 6 am). Following that is a table featuring art from Jay Leisten, a table with cool Japanese monster models and assorted toys, a table with great resin models like a super detailed 1978 Galactica and a Klingon Bird-of-Prey. The tour continues on to the next display from Paul Francis and his Chronicle company with a lot of the Phil Tippett models, such as the Stargate head dress, a Flash Gordon ship and some Robocop props. The next tables all have more stuff like resin models featuring variations on TIE Fighters, toys like the 1995 Escape the Death Star game (complete with muscles!), some Man from Atlantis merch, a Brooke Shields doll, the AMT Enterprise bridge model. Next up on the circuit ‘round the room is a full-size character display called “The Witch’s Dungeon” which sort of look like guys from Beauty and the Beast but not quite, then a muppet/puppet maker display. Next is the table located directly behind our podcast recording station which has just a ton of old classic sci-fi toys, most still in the box, with such features as an sunlight-damaged Gil Gerard 12-inch Buck Rogers doll from 1979 and a Clash of the Titans topless Medusa. And finally the tour around the room ends with a visit to the vacant table to out left, under which is sleeping our very own Ky Slim, curled up in a sleeping bag and looking oh so innocent and precious.
  • Repeater wakes up Ky Slim — LIVE! Thrill to the on-the-spot groggy action!
  • The Fez guy walks by the door and gives us a thumbs-up.
  • Repeater kills time by just randomly chatting about show-prep, potential wars, and what happened while Slim slept.
  • FEEDBAG: The night H-bombs hit North Carolina http://www.ourstate.com/hydrogen-bombs-north-carolina/
  • Old timey TMZ: Conduit tells us about the feud between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini http://rebeccaromney.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/the-unlikely-friendship-and-inevitable-feud-of-arthur-conan-doyle-and-harry-houdini/
  • Repeater takes a break
  • Ky Slim talks about 19th Century UFO sightings
  • The search for REM sleep– on the floor in a bag vs hotel room
  • Ky Slim’s History Notes: 1688, Scottish almanac tells you where to find Mermaids
  • Ky Slim’s History Notes: 1692, Edmund Halley says the Earth is hollow and filled with slightly smaller Earths
  • Ky Slim’s History Notes: March 31, 1727, inventor of the cat-flap dies
  • Ky Slim’s History Notes: 1739, his and hers flush toilets debut in Paris
  • Ky Slim’s History Notes: Sept 3-13, 1752, Julian calendar transitions to Gregorian calendar deletes 11 days in Britain
  • Ky Slim’s History Notes: 1752, Bishop Erik Pontopiddan writes about the Kraken sea creature in his “Natural History of Norway”. Oh golly, It was a menace to shipping don’t ya know, ya.
  • hour36heading
    Hour 36 (Sunday, 7 a.m. – 8 a.m.)
  • Ky Slim’s History Notes: Aug 30, 1771 — lightening cures a deaf man
  • A sleepy word from our sponsors
  • Conduit on Snopes — Was Mr Ed a horse? http://www.snopes.com/lost/mistered.asp
  • Truckers! Our nation’s swaggering masculinity as seen in the depiction of truck drivers in popular culture … everything from heroic cowboys to troubled serial killers. 1978’s “Convoy” is remembered.
  • Repeater comes back from break. Asks Ky Slim what his trucker handle would be, and compliments him on his gravelly voice.
  • We dig deep into the plot of “Convoy”, and then the Chuck Norris classic 1977 “Breaker! Breaker!”
  • The more sleepy we get, the more southern our drawl gets…
  • Conduit’s trucker name revealed
  • HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES: dead guy helps beat Hitler http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-11887115
  • HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES/Ky Slim’s History Notes: 1808, duel fought in balloons above Paris for the hand of Mademoiselle Tirevit http://blog.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/2012/08/24/the-first-duel-fought-in-hot-air-balloons-paris-1808/
  • Six of the most widely believed alien conspiracy theories … like Roswel, MJ12, reptilians, esoteric Hitlerism with Nazis in the center of the Earth http://io9.com/5692584/6-real-life-alien-conspiracy-theories-even-more-unbelievable-than-fiction
  • HEADLINE: Plane crashed by kids? http://aviationknowledge.wikidot.com/asi:aeroflot-flight-593:child-in-the-cockpit
  • HEADLINE: Trial by combat!! In 2002? http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Forget-Tyrion-Lannister-Crazy-Dude-Requested-Trial-By-Combat-Back-02-64067.html
  • We are seconds away from breaking the previous World Record for longest webcast … almost there … so close ….
  • hour37heading
    Hour 37 (Sunday, 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.)
  • We officially (fingers crossed) break the previously held Guinness World Record for longest webcast … Repeater calls for victory milk. It’s all downhill from here. (NOTE– Sleepy Repeater wrongly calls this hour 36)
  • A word from our sponsor
  • Paul Francis returns to the red interview chair … he congratulates us on our vague victory! We get a convention update on how Phil Tippett is liking the weekend. Also, thoughts on terrorists and cosplay. Repeater goes off on his CGI=woosey males theory. A fun chat follows where Paul discusses the state of modern special effects workers,the realities of being a digital artist in movies today, and how Wonderfest got him on the TV show “Ancient Aliens”. We then get into potential baby names, Paul questions the lack of Guinness victory confetti and balloons, we discuss the ins and outs of how the Guinness World Records work, look back on some of the weirder things that have happened so far during our nonstop weekend, Paul tells us war stories from the Chair Force, the engineering theories behind Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, Superman going behind Lois Lane’s back, bad Batmen, and the truth behind reality TV. We love Paul Francis, check him out at www.chroniclecollectibles.com
  • Ky Slim discovers that inspirational messages are printed on the wrappers for all the Hall’s Cough Drops we keep sucking down … stuff like “The Show Must Go on” and “Put Your Game Face On” … if only we’d realized this sooner!
  • We forgot to pull out a Star Wars figure last hour, so we now pull out two:
    MEMORY TRIGGER STAR WARS FIGURE of the HOUR 36 and 37: Stormtrooper (with a missing a foot) and the torso of C-3PO (not the version that you could remove the arms and legs, this one actually had its limbs broken off). C3P0’s foot was sawed off by the young Repeater and duct-taped to the stump of the Stormtrooper’s leg. Repeater found these damaged figures in the woods as a kid, and is convinced the universe gave them to him as compensation for losing his Sand People’s gaffi stick accessory in a cinder block. Yeah … we know.
  • Paul Francis brings us a signed copy of Phil Tippett’s “Mad God” on Blu-ray! http://watch.madgodmovie.com/
  • HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: The sad story of Bird Sh*t Island. http://www.strangehistory.net/2013/01/20/forgotten-kingdom-the-bird-shit-island/
  • wth? The “Weaponized Animals of World War II” … who’s a good boy? We start to discuss things like bat bombs made from real bats, BUT …. http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2014/04/the-weird-weaponized-animals-of-wwii/
  • …. but we pause for breakfast. BREAKFAST!! While stuffin’ our faces live on the mics we discuss breakfast with a queen. (Note — the rest of the hour will be populated with various lip smacking and chewing noises … we apologize)
  • To prop up our sagging sleepy spirits, Mark Cockram sends us a Return of the King youtube clip encouraging us to SHARE THE LOAD!.
  • We ponder if our newly acquired sleep-deprived southern drawls with stick with us permanently from now on
  • Repeater does his Rhett Butler impersonation, always a hit with the ladies?
  • Teaching “Gone with the Wind” in history class. Courtesy of Ky Slim’s history coach.
  • We ask Ky Slim to revisit Dark Bart … it’s so funny when you’re sleepy!
  • hour38heading
    Hour 38 (Sunday, 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.)
  • We open with mastication!
  • We try to recruit Eddy to join us in another radio play dramatization … and wonder why there were few if any lady roles in these old 1930 plays. Eddy wants to be a villain called “Stabby Pete.”
  • RANDOM TALK — We ask Eddy to tell us about her role as an official Guinness World Record steward … the job includes opening doors and managing witnesses and avoiding nerd hooligans. Ky Slim describes the death stare from sleep-deprived Repeater, and explains his nap rationals. Eddy isn’t fond of her new husky voice, and ponders waking up the other girls to go get breakfast. Conduit says she should create an actual laminated “baby card” to flash at people … good for getting out of tricky situations.
  • We convince Eddy to do sound effects for our next radio production….
  • LET’S PUT ON A SHOW!: The Scratchy Throat Players take on a rootin-tootin dern gallot cowboy tale from the pages of the ol’ west! Yes, we bring to life “The Origin of the Lone Ranger”, a radio drama first broadcast on June 30, 1948. Remember to [beat] my wife and son, and we of course INSIST that you picture Conduit’s Tonto as wearing a dead bird on his head ala John Depp. Half way through we pause to fix an iPad issue and ponder what types of voices to use for the characters … but what can you do? It’s the 1940s! Also, apparently the Lone Ranger is a superhero who can amalgamate the powers of other dead rangers? What? Anyway, you can learn more about the old radio show here: http://www.lonerangerfanclub.com/radio.html
    Or if you want to hear how the pros did it in 1948, go here: http://podbay.fm/show/270886797/e/1165778698?autostart=1

  • The girls go for breakfast, and we place drink orders
  • We greet a communications major from Rogers State University in Emerald Oklahoma
  • hour39heading
    Hour 39 (Sunday, 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.)
  • Still chatting with the unnamed Oklahoma communications major, and then a word from our sponsor
  • Now that the convention has opened its doors for the day, we say “Howdy” to neighbor Bryan from Movie Meltdown, and then ponder visiting the model contest.
  • MEMORY TRIGGER STAR WARS FIGURE of the HOUR 39: Han Solo in Hoth outfit. (yeah, we forgot to do one hour 38)
  • HISTORY NOTES: The 1893 circus train crash in Tyrone Pennsylvania … possibly the “case zero” circus train story that people for generations use to explain “monsters” in their towns. Yep, anytime there’s a local legend about a monster snake or giant hairy beast or savage lizard-man haunting the woods, one of the most common go-to explanations involves someone hearing a story about an “old circus train that crashed around here and the animals escaped.” So either circus trains were crashing in every American town back in the 1800s … or local folklore is mistakenly pointing back to this real event, an old-timey story that went viral, with people everywhere assuming it happened in their town! Check it out http://www.livescience.com/45252-circus-train-accident-mass-grave-tyrone.html# And there’s even photos! http://www.livescience.com/45251-photos-walter-l-main-circus-train-graveyard.html
  • Six reasons why life was better in the Cold War days http://www.geeksofdoom.com/2014/02/19/6-reasons-life-was-way-better-when-russia-was-the-bad-guy
  • Ky Slim asks what are the best lines from “Ghostbusters”
  • Beau Kaelin stops back for a visit in the Red Interview Chair, and he joins us for ….
    BIGFOOT ROUNDUP: Amish witness Bigfoot http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2014/05/pennsylvania-bigfoot-encounters.html
  • Beau explains that he never played with Hoth Star Wars action figures
  • BIGFOOT ROUNDUP: A Bigfoot goes to Church http://cryptomundo.com/bigfoot-report/bigfoot-goes-to-church/
  • Beau explains his role at Wonderfest as “guest coordinator.” Legendary special effects artist Ray Harryhausen was his favorite guest to wrangle. Beau then talks about his own attempts as a kid trying to do stop motion animation, some last minutes events going on at the convention today, the feasibility of celebrities who can make a living going to conventions, getting industry guys involved opposed to actors, and some dream guests that Beau would love to get. Beau then talks about how the 1990 Dick Tracy movie got him interested in monster makeup.
  • Ky Slim plays the worst version of the Star Wars theme he’s ever heard … and it sort of drowns out everything else! Slim then revisits the gawd-awful Next Generation theme, just to put salt in the wound and keep us awake for the final stretch. It …. hurts … so …. much……
  • Repeater then tries to tidy up while “The Exorcist” plays. Why? Who knows … we were tired.
  • Our neighbor Ethan from the next table (Ethan Black Arts) gives us a scary DVD showcasing his animation.
  • hour40heading
    Hour 40 (Sunday, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.)
  • Holy cripes the final hour!! We get a word from our sponsors one last time. Repeater’s accent really can’t handle the pressure anymore…
  • We check out the cartoons on the Ethan Black sample DVD … which in retrospect works so well on an audio podcast.
  • The final MEMORY TRIGGER STAR WARS FIGURE of the HOUR 40: Due to a few hours where we got talking too long and had to skip the figure draw (we’re lookin’ at you, Mumbles and Frankenstein!), there are actually five figures left in the bag. So Conduit, Repeater and Ky Slim each pull out a figure from the bag: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo … the big three. Who woulda thunk it? (Fun fact, the two figures left undrawn in the bag are Hammerhead and Snaggletooth)
  • An unnamed passerby asks us what we plan to do next after the World Record Attempt, and tells us that she actually collects the Guinness World Record books.
  • Karl Libecap and his 7-year-old son Griffin sit in the Red Interview Chair! Karl runs “Monster Dork Studio” and is actually a dealer at Wonderfest, selling and showcasing his design, models and toy ranges. Karl and Griffin are from Cincinnati where he works as a model-maker for a prototype company. He talks to us about 3-D printers and how they work, the sculpting and resin methods he uses to make his models, and how you go about casting something in resin. Karl then tells us about his time working at McFarlane toys and Hasbro, and asks us questions about podcasting, noting that he listens to podcasts while he’s sculpting and working. Check out Karl’s work at http://www.monsterdorkstudio.com/
  • Next, we ask Karl’s son Griffin what he’s liked about the convention so far. His answer? Toys … specifically buying Clone Wars figures. It leads to an interesting discussion where 7-year-old Griffin explains why the prequels (Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith) are in his opinion BETTER, way better, than the original three Star Wars movies … and he actually makes very valid points. Griffin explains the worst thing about the movies, why Anakin was his favorite character, and why his favorite moment is the final lightsaber fight in the lava pit at the end of Episode 3. Griffin then names the original Star Wars (Episode 4: A New Hope) as the worst of the 6 films. Again — from his 7-year-old point of view — he gives very valid reasons, and it really highlights how kids today watch these movies … as opposed to old fogies like us.
  • BOSSK!!! A cosplayer wearing THE BEST Bossk outfit we’ve ever seen strolls by, and Repeater begs him to sit and talk! Seriously he’s nearly 7 feet tall. And so….
  • Bossk sits in the red interview chair. The gentleman behind the mask explains how he got into cosplaying. Fun fact, he wasn’t a big Star Wars fan at first … but he does collect reptiles. So when he got into sci-fi cosplay, all of his costumes took on “reptilian” themes. He also has a Gorn suit from Star Trek, and helped build the giant Dewback that was at Wonderfest last year. He then explains where he got various pieces for the costume, such as the teeth (real canine teeth). And the yellow overalls are actually a real super-sonic jet pilot’s pressure suit — so it’s kind of hot in there! The gun stock is from an Iraqi AK47 that he brought back from the Gulf War. He then tells us about making the giant Dewback puppet and about his next project: the largest Godzilla costume that a man can wear. (We totally believe he will pull this off!) He then talks about his fellow cosplayers, their charity work, and how much he likes hanging out with Jango Fett (the guy who got him into Star Wars costuming). Repeater, Slim and Conduit are in awe of his costume, and they hand him the 1980 Bossk action figure from Hour 13 to hold up and compare, and to get a photo op! This guy was great — not only is he great at Bossk-ing but he’s also made accurate historic military costumes for museums, written books on military history and the ancient Roman army, worked for some History Channel specials, and is also director of the Pratt Museum in Fort Campbell Ky. BUT … but …. we were very tired/excited/stupid and failed to get this gentleman’s name. D’Oh!!! (In our defense, YOU try and card a 7-foot tall lizard man holding an Iraqi assault rifle!)
    However, using clues he mentions during the interview about his job at Fort Campbell and his other hobbies, we now believe that under the Bossk mask is Daniel Peterson! So Dan, if we got it wrong, we truly apologize!! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=11464&costumeID=33
  • Conduit wants to open our presents, but first:
  • SCIENCE UPDATE — Lack of sleep can cause brain damage? Aw-oh! Why didn’t we read this before we started this crazy world record attempt?!? http://time.com/30238/study-sleep-loss-can-cause-brain-damage/
  • Present time!! As a motivation to make it through all 40 hours, the three guys brought presents for each other to the convention — all wrapped up with tape and everything. And we could ONLY get our presents if we made through the entire 40 hours. So, with 15 minutes to go, we’re feeling confident we’ll make it. And so…. Christmas comes early.
  • In our last 10 minutes, we attempt to thank everyone who helped us make this insane weekend happen. It took a LOT of help, and we love them all. (If we forgot you, we are so SO sorry, but we’re punch drunk with lack of sleep!)
  • We look back on our favorite moments from the weekend: Repeater liked it when Eddy brought him bacon and eggs, Ky Slim liked the moment he achieved REM sleep under the table, Conduit wants to pour out a 40 for all his lost brain cells.
  • Our first guest in the Red Interview Chair from way back in Hour 1, Cary Blanckaert, stops by at the last minute to show off his scale model Guillotine. So we close our world record attempt French Revolution style. Apparently Barbie must die, and we didn’t get the last minute phone call from the governor to hold off the sentence. (However, her head is stuck on there really tight).
  • We say goodbye …?
  • Past the hour mark — we sort of left the tape recorder running … so listen in to all of our mumbled rambling for seven extra minutes. It’s historic!
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