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Hours 21-30

Hour 21 (Saturday, 4 p.m. – 5 p.m.)
  • Bryan Renfro hangs out with us some more and the Movie Meltdown simulcast continues, Ky Slim announces our plans to perform “Empire Strikes Back” as a western later that night
  • Game of Thrones fan Amanda sits in the red interview chair! She is dressed as Daenerys Targaryen (complete with baby dragons in a basket), and we discuss the fantasy genre, boyfriend Drogo halloween costume (Repeater’s sleepy brain confuses him with Viserys), Ky Slim took a quiz and he’s house Targaryen (Repeater took the same quiz and he’s house Lannister, Bryan took a cosmo quiz), dressing up as Poison Ivy at last year’s Wonderfest, plans to dress as She-Ra tomorrow, the oddity that is “Bow” from the She-Ra TV show, the finer points of a Princess Leia costumes, Toothless the baby basket dragon
  • Do you wanna get green-screened?
  • MEMORY TRIGGER STAR WARS FIGURE of the HOUR 21: Bryan pulls out Chewbacca
  • Bryan comments on Star Wars Ep 7 cast news, and Blowin’ Stuff Up on Star Trek and Little House on the Prairie and Sledgehammer (spoiler!).
  • Ky Slim and Bryan on the rise and fall of “Fringe”
  • Conduit burns
  • Repeater fails to remember the MOVIE MELTDOWN sign-off, and Bryan ends his episode.
  • Conduit and Repeater ponder the slope of the floor, and Ky Slim gets a pepper
  • I STOPPED BELIEVING: Conduit on Snopes — The Amityville Horror .. til Repeater cuts him off, because…..
  • Repeater gives away his Doctor Who CD soundtrack for “The Tenth Planet” to a random passerby who was interested in the cover art. The un-named man, from Cincinnati, tells us that he’s really into bad “c-level” horror films, so Repeater talks him into also taking “The Moonbase” and the rest of his duplicate soundtrack CDs. They chat briefly about Doctor Who missing episodes and how you can enjoy them in the car.
  • Back to I STOPPED BELIEVING: Conduit on Snopes — The Amityville Horror. Conduit literally manages to say SEVEN words before Repeater cuts him off for a second time! But with good reason, because:
  • “Mumble-Wolf” the “Werewolf of Wall Street” sits in the red interview chair! No kidding, an actual werewolf in a business suit literally RUNS into the vacant red chair and demands an interview with us. Fun Fact — the Repeater has a childhood phobia of Bigfoot (and other hairy monsters), and the girly scream he initially lets out is sadly legit. Mumbles talks to us about: the secret of his success, the horror of when the quarter profits dip, the family connection and Obamacare problems, a werewolf’s political party, where do you find the foxes? Werewolf pick-up lines, hooking up with a Furry, thoughts on Repeater’s authentic Sasquatch hair sample, Werewolf jokes are offensive, the hurt-thoughts, the grumble-tummies, shopping at Kohls, eating at O’Charlies, favorite movies, freaky Sally Field, thoughts on Twilight, the Stormtrooper population, movies lie about the transformation, Planet of the Apes, holes in heads, the plot to steal Bryan’s hat, the truth about Wolf’s Bane, bad Sean Connery impersonations, other animal monsters in the community, the Gorgon Gorn, stalking a cookie, Star Wars trivia … then Mumbles runs off to snatch Movie Meltdown Bryan’s hat … (PLEASE NOTE: Mumbles will return later in the evening to talk with us some more … and he’ll bring a friend)
  • Conduit, Ky Slim and Repeater ponder if what just happened actually happened … they were warned that lack of sleep would produce hallucinations.
  • For the third time, we return to I STOPPED BELIEVING: Conduit on Snopes — The Amityville Horror. Conduit explains how it’s all just a big wad of hooey. Til he gets interrupted again when:
  • Rocko Jerome from the “Back to the Comics” podcast sits in the red interview chair. We talk about the world record attempt, bacon, their podcast mission to get back to the comic book source material, meeting Conduit’s needs http://radiobttc.com/
  • For the fourth time, we return to I STOPPED BELIEVING: Conduit on Snopes — The Amityville Horror. Conduit only gets SIX words out this time when he’s interrupted by:
    “Mumbles” the Werewolf of Wall Street return to the red interview chair — this time to tell us that he’s buried Bryan’s hat from Movie Meltdown. We also discuss his thoughts on The Amityville Horror, pig-demons and creepy kids
  • hour22heading
    Hour 22 (Saturday, 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.)
  • Mumbles the Werewolf still hangs out with us, and he helps us read a word from our sponsor.
  • Mumble-Wolf ponders furries and Bigfoot, giving directions in Louisville KY, how many hours he’s personally stayed awake, the psychology of Bryan and his hat, Repeater takes a hair sample for his cryptid collection, the Dr. Gangrene Show http://drgangrene.blogspot.com/
  • Mumble-Wolf on the horror of Funyun addiction
  • MEMORY TRIGGER STAR WARS FIGURE of the HOUR 22: Mumbles pulls out: R2-D2
  • Mumbles talks about his Admiral Ackbar figure
  • WALK-ABOUT: Repeater suits up to go mobile … Mumble-Wolf takes him on a tour of the hotel. On their travels they run into Rick Sternbach, some guys who bought a lot of models (like the Forbidden Planet saucer), Dave Conover’s entourage, Ethan Black, Reverend Jesse and his girl in the lobby, werewolf photo op, kids at wonderfest love monsters … as they travel the hallways they also discuss first quarter profits and wo-manna from heaven, werewolf ties, depressing Eeyore, Teddy Ruxpin, and then bump into a small child who shows NO FEAR. They then travel upstairs to see craft services and where Mumbles hid Bryan’s hat. Mumbles entrusts the hat to Repeater. They then pass the Rondo Awards ceremony and speak to Carrie which prompts a werewolf hug, they then discuss hormone disorders, pass a few more random conventioners, and Mumbles finally picks the lock and brings Repeater home.
  • The three guys reflect on how lucky it was for the werewolf to stop by, when the lovely ladies bring them food. Hot food, real food. Mark’s Feed Store bar-b-que. We love the ladies.
  • Repeater discusses his hairy fears
  • Gina sits in the red interview chair, we talk about the Daenerys Targaryen cosplay girl from earlier, facebook, eating in shifts, her Game of Thrones obsession, the nudity content in the actual George RR Martin books, the unfair rump vs boob ratio on the TV show, Gina’s favorite character on the show looks like Ky Slim, Repeater reveals the last line on the show, the angry loudspeaker voice, Phil Tippett and his AT-AT name smackdown, Joffrey and Draco Malfoy fans, Diana Rigg, Ser Pounce
  • Speaking of Game of Thrones, Repeater asks if we have become so desensitized that nothing we see on TV has the ability to shock us anymore.
  • THEME TIME!! We ponder Star Trek as Ky Slim plays an awkward (sexy?) version of the “Next Generation” theme from his Sci-Fi music CD … we discuss Next Gen’s annoying political correctness, the hypocrisy in the attitudes towards Ferengi and Klingons.

  • Next we cue up the goofy “Battlestar Galactica” remix, and discuss the controversial ending of the new 2004 Galactica series (and LOST). Repeater is pissed, Conduit is “meh.” Ky Slim thought the original 1978 version was a lot of fun, and proves that much of Star Wars’ success was luck because it clicked a lot of boxes. Conduit has no happy nostalgia to draw on for it.
  • Up next is the goofy remix for “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Ky Slim adores this movie: the aliens spaceships and how they portrayed the abductions. Repeater thinks it sets up a mystery and answers it (unlike LOST), the Devil’s Tower and its cover stories that continue to this day.
  • Next we have the remix for “This Island Earth” … Conduit loved the Mystery Science Theater version, we discuss how old sitcom stars would show up in such films, Repeater wonders if Dr. Ruth was supposed to be pretty, the plot tie-in to Galactica 1980, Ky Slim likes how science trumps strong guys in 1950s scifi movies, normal view
  • hour23heading
    Hour 23 (Saturday, 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.)
  • Repeater cleans, and a word from our sponsor
  • MEMORY TRIGGER STAR WARS FIGURE of the HOUR 23: Bespin Security Guard. Meri Book think he looks like Charles Bronson. And she’s right.
  • Conduit takes a short break
  • CONSPIRACY CORNER: Know your Secret Societies! (Slim and Repeater are very sleepy, and are calling BS more freely than normal. Fun fact: Repeater drifts off to sleep for a split second at the 25:36 mark!) Ky Slim points out that the Bilderberg Meeting is actually going on at the exact same time we are at Wonderfest (Coincidence? Conspiracy? All we know is we weren’t invited). Long story short: secret societies are all a lot of rich people being jerks, and we learn what a Whiffenpoof is http://www.ghosttheory.com/2012/07/02/know-your-secret-societies
  • Conduit returns, production meeting, Ky Slim takes a break
  • FEEDBAG: The Naked Church http://roadtrippers.kinja.com/naked-church-brings-new-meaning-to-come-as-you-are-1525302532
  • The story of a Agloe New York, a fake town that turned real then fake again. Really. http://www.npr.org/blogs/krulwich/2014/03/18/290236647/an-imaginary-town-becomes-real-then-not-true-story
  • Eddy and Kristen come hang out and talk about themselves while Conduit and Repeater have a quick production meeting … all secret like.
  • Repeater notes that he’s old, while Eddy, Kristen and Gina are younger, so he wants them to help him comment on “101 Things you cared about 10 years ago but not now.” Because he’s so old he doesn’t recognize most of the items on the list. (Turns out they can recognize only a few things more than the guys). Things like CD shopping at Best Buy, Nokia phones, keeping track of minutes on your phone, LiveJournal, lygers etc … http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/101-things-you-cared-about-10-years-ago-but-dont-at-all-toda
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    Hour 24 (Saturday, 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.)
  • Kristen and Gina are still hanging out with us. Repeater takes a break, and Kristen reads a word from our sponsor
  • Kristen and Gina continue to explore the list of “101 Things you cared about 10 years ago but not now” with Ky Slim and Conduit. Things like caring about Evanescence, Verne Troyer, jealous of cell phone keyboards, Atkins diet, car CD visors, Janet Jackson’s nipple, being friends with Tom, metrosexual, livestrong bracelets…
  • MEMORY TRIGGER STAR WARS FIGURE of the HOUR 24: Kristen pulls out Lobot, Lando’s PA. Ky Slim does not approve of his lady-sleeves, Gina would have preferred IG-88.
  • CHAIR TALK! with Kristen and Gina
  • Ky Slim lives out loud. Gross.
  • Ky Slim’s History Notes: 1563 AD, the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum is published, all about the bureaucracy in hell.
  • Ky Slim’s History Notes: 1614 AD, the death of “Blood Countess” Elizabeth Bathory, the inspiration for many later vampire legends.
  • Ky Slim’s History Notes: 1626 AD, Jeffrey Hudson, a.k.a. Lord Minimus, the Queen’s Dwarf
  • Kristen and Gina depart
  • Conduit on Snopes — Late 1940s Russian sleep experiments, keeping 5 people awake for 15 days. Fake … product of Creepy Pasta (bad news).
  • LIAR LIAR: Adam and Eve’s apple
  • LIAR LIAR: US constitution and guns
  • Are robots about to rise? Google thinks so, thanks to wacky Ray Kurzweil. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/feb/22/robots-google-ray-kurzweil-terminator-singularity-artificial-intelligence
  • SLEEPY DISCUSSION PIT: Would you download your consciousness if you could? (note: Conduit and Ky Slim are not stoned, just really really tired)
  • Bryan invites Slim and Conduit to come talk Godzilla
  • Slim and Conduit reflect on Phil Tippett and how cool it was for him to sign Towerbot’s head
  • Conduit on Snopes — the black-eyed children.
  • A special message from Ky Slim: he’s very sleepy, and it’s getting strange
  • hour25heading
    Hour 25 (Saturday, 8 p.m. – 9 p.m.)
  • A word from our sponsor … Jerry Reed style
  • Ky Slim and Conduit hit the cough drops hard and decide they no longer care: they liter and re-adjust the chairs. They’ve been awake so long that their perceptions have passed through a period of blackout and have now achieved the moment of clarity. Time to simplify.
  • LIAR LIAR: Hank Aaron and home runs.
  • LIAR LIAR: George Washington and the cherry tree.
  • Ky Slim decides he no longer cares, and tosses the Liar Liar book across the room.
  • Ky Slim’s History Notes: Feb 9, 1640, the ironic alcohol death of the Sultan Murad IV
  • Repeater comes back from break, and supports Slim’s decision to throw out the book. He then takes out the trash.
  • Chairs and mics are re-adjusted for maximum comfort
  • Repeater had a revelation in the shower: he’s 40 and can’t play football. Just like the Dick Van Dyke Show.
  • LET’S PUT ON A SHOW!: The guys get ready to perform: “Sam Spade and the Blood Money Caper” from 1946 … but they hold when David Hodge returns to chat.
  • David Hodge returns to the red interview chair!! Dave is the CEO of Wonderfest, and a retired zookeeper. (NOTE: the following conversation is probably the Repeater’s favorite moment of the entire weekend. Hodge is amazing) Dave tells us two crazy stories from his zookeeper days involving tigers: the first is about the time Dave and his crew tranquilized a grouchy tiger to take her to the vet … and then she woke up. And Dave had to literally throw himself onto the tiger and pin back her legs. Please note this may sound cool, but Dave explains how people don’t understand how truly big and powerful these critters are, and how insanely dangerous this was. To prepare for such emergencies Dave would practice worst-case scenarios in his mind, and today he teaches classes on animal handling and safety all around the country. His next tiger story is about a job he handled for the Exotic Feline Rescue Center (he’s rescued about 80 big cats from bad situations, everything from starvation to drug dealers). In Beaver Dam Ky, Dave had to rescue a tiger from an owner who was keeping it in a wooden cage in a residential neighborhood. Long story short — the tiger charges and Dave’s safety/shooter man freezes up. Dave also tells us how a Polar Bear woke up next to him in a trailer, and his encounters with wild sharks. He busts some shark myths, such as shark behavior with cages (yeah, some will come inside), and the fact that sharks really do have intelligent eyes… to look you over … and he explains how Great Whites got their name. Then — as a complete sidenote —- Repeater asks Dave to comment on one of the foundational arguments concerning the ancient alien theory: The theory goes that unlike animals, humans are not equipped to survive survive unaided on Earth, therefore they did not evolve on Earth. Dave pretty much busts that wide open. So to round it off, Repeater asks Dave to comment on his “Certified Bigfoot hair sample” from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, specimen #26 of 100. Dave laughs and laughs ….
  • hour26heading
    Hour 26 (Saturday, 9 p.m. – 10 p.m.)
  • David Hodge is still chatting with us, and we’re getting his honest reaction to Repeater’s actual 100% credible “Certified Bigfoot hair sample” from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, specimen #26 of 100. He has a great take on the whole concept of Bigfoot, pointing out that there is no evidence to prove it, but also no evidence to prove it’s not real either. We also talk about why you never find Bigfoot bodies, the wacky TV shows that hunt for Sasquatch and noises you hear in the woods … which leads us to ….
  • David Hodge telling us about being the jungles of Trinidad and hunting for tarantulas at night, surrounded by deadly snakes, when his flashlight goes out. (NOTE: Repeater says this story trumps EVERY Bigfoot story he’s ever heard!) He then discusses how names describe different forest types, Bigfoot vs raccoon poop, Raccoon Nation on Netflix, spider-sniffing and tarantulas, the fact that spiders are everywhere, the one critter Dave is a little leary of, North America and dangerous animals, the BS in the boy scout manual regarding snakes, New Zealand …
  • And then for funzies … we ask David Hodge his opinion of the Kentucky Creation museum. Eye rolls!! Dave says plain and simple it is founded on faith … it’s not science, not even close. There’s no proof any of it happened. He mentions how Neil deGrasse Tyson says you can’t change the truth no matter how hard you want to believe otherwise — the truth is what it is. So therefore he doesn’t try to defend science against creationists because there is no case. With that in mind, Repeater repeats his nun/dinosaur anecdote from second grade for the THIRD TIME this weekend. He notes that a lot of catholic-types can be screwed up thanks to schoolin! And also notes that if you can’t prove it scientifically then faith tells you you can attach whatever story you want.
  • A (late) word from our sponsor
  • MEMORY TRIGGER STAR WARS FIGURE of the HOUR 26: the original Luke Skywalker in his fake karate shirt. (Yeah, we know, we didn’t pull one for hour 25. Sleepy)
  • LET’S PUT ON A SHOW!: Time to Spade Up, take 2: The guys perform: “Sam Spade and the Blood Money Caper” from 1946. Stand by for action, theater of the mind style. Just remember to buy hair oil — and not a tonic that gives you a greasy sissified look. ‘Cause dames love it. (Note … a really really bad accent-fest and half-assed sound effects is the result) http://www.digitaldeliftp.com/DigitalDeliToo/dd2jb-Advs-Sam-Spade.html
  • Ky Slim wants his present early, he needs motivation!
  • hour27heading
    Hour 27 (Saturday, 10 p.m. – 11 p.m.)
  • The Scratchy Throat Players reflect on their accents and acting from last hour’s manly non-sissy Sam Spade.
  • And now a word from our sponsors … and to our sponsors, we want to apologize for this!! We’re sorry, we’re so SO SORRY! … By this point lack of sleep has made us completely punch drunk. As a result, the ads are not pretty!
  • Repeater goes over his gunshot and foley sounds for our upcoming Wild West version of Empire Strikes Back.
  • Ky Slim’s History Notes: 1650, The Cat Piano
  • Top Google Searches for the 50 States: Minnesota thru Wyoming
  • Ky Slim re-adjusts the seating, attempts to lay down and record
  • Repeater attempts to anger the Conduit by reading an internet story called “8 Superhero Tropes Too Silly for Live-Action”, but is interrupted when….
  • Mumble-Wolf, the Werewolf of Wall Street returns!! And he’s brought a friend: THE Frankenstein monster!
    Frankenstein settles down into the red interview chair for a chat, along with Mumbles the Werewolf. (What follows was truly surreal and wonderful, and the three sleep-deprived world record attempters could not have asked for a better distraction to keep them awake. We want to send out a heartfelt thank you to the Werewolf and Frankenstein, wherever they are pillaging right now.) Among the several topics we discuss with Frankenstein and Mumbles the Wolf Man are: Igor’s brain, how Frankenstein and the Wolf Man met, who’s the bigger monster, Werewolf hair vs Sasquatch hair, being roommates, the ruined sofa, monsters chase blondes, Frankenstein’s and Wolfman’s nicknames, surviving the flood, burning 2×4 beams on your head, little children coming in to meet the monsters, adopt and spay the wolf man, silver bullets and beer, throwing Frankenstein in the lake, Dr. Gangrene, impromptu singing, their favorite monsters, loop-garou, using a thumb drive, the monster breakfast cereals, Philip Seymour Hoffman, how scary Frankenstein is and how he’s misunderstood, Lady Gaga, the imitators like Fred Gwynne, Frank’s breakfast, Wolf Man’s breath, ordering pizza, respect for each other’s work, saying something nice about the other, tired of the zombies, magic vs science fiction, eying up the talent in the room, we can’t have nice things, the lawyers, thoughts on the modern Twilight vampire, sissy monsters going to Hot Topic, glitter, Bela Lugosi’s outfit vs Edward’s clothes, sulphur pits and rivers of blood, the chin dimple, their long film career and Hollywood parties, Carole Lombard, Cary Grant’s “secret” films, all the Vivians, Don Knotts, why Frankenstein is green, black and white makes it scary, offering a cookie, a worthless masters in philosophy, David Hodge is tough, foreign monsters, Godzilla, Megalon is a terrible actor, Jet Jaguar, gypsies
  • hour28heading
    Hour 28 (Saturday, 11 p.m. – 12 a.m.)
  • We continue the conversation with Frankenstein and Mumbles the Wolf Man in the red interview chair. We discuss: dead cats and gypsies, what Sir Alec Guinness was really like, saying goodbye to the child in the room, who makes a better blind man, thoughts on The Mummy, sad dating moves and pick up lines from the Mummy, that “time of the month” for the Wolf Man, no lighting in Los Angeles, not wasting energy, texting with claws, the manicurist for Wolf Man, the most famous people they have ever met, Richard Nixon, Frankenstein would run for president if not for the birther movement, electrical school, dropping dead, their impending Godzilla movie presentation later, and their impending formal introduction courtesy of Dr. Gangrene.
  • Take my pen, my chair, my wife ….
  • Ky Slim pulls out his Ewan McGregor Phantom Menace action figure — Note, this is NOT the official memory trigger Star Wars Figure of the hour. (We forgot to do one this hour … whoopsies.)
  • The state of the podcast … emergency production meeting … sore throats … leaning into the bit … Ky Slim looks like Little Finger? … rearranging the chairs again
  • Emergency Star Wars Trivia to fill time! featuring Eddy
  • Eddy helps us attempt to understand the rule cards and game pieces for “Twilight” the board game. (Or is that bored game?). She also tells us a horrible truth about her reading habits, and we learn the meaning of 5 by 5
  • Brian Orms, a.k.a. “Daggor” arrives, to help keep us awake. He also helps solve the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass hikers.
  • Repeater does not get superheroes, Daggor edition: We discuss an internet article called “8 Superhero Tropes Too Silly for Live-Action”. Stuff like all-powerful imps, evil doppelgangers, invisible airplanes http://www.toplessrobot.com/2014/02/post_8.php
  • The super hero discussion goes off the rails as a very sleepy Ky Slim and Repeater exchange a series of freeze-frame high-5s, and then explain to Daggor how the Guinness World Record attempt works.
  • Then we go looking for our Empire Strikes Back scripts, and distripute cough drops among the players.
  • Ky Slim reads a word from our sponsor for next hour at the end of this hour to save time next hour.
  • MEMORY TRIGGER STAR WARS FIGURE of the HOUR 28: (we didn’t do a figure for hour 27) … Daggor pulls out Death Squad Commander. Or Mushroom Hat Guy.
  • Ky Slim’s History Notes: 1792, talking cat urges servant girl to destroy herself
  • hour29heading
    Hour 29 (Sunday, 12 a.m. – 1 a.m.)
  • LET’S PUT ON A SHOW!: The Scratchy Throat players and Daggor attempt to perform the heartwarming “Empire Strikes Back” as if it were an old timey western movie!!!
    Yes friend, completely off the top of their sleepy heads lines are embellished, names are changed, locations are transplanted to cowboy settings … and it just sort of … happens. As best as a bunch of drowsy nerds can make it happen. Featuring Ky Slim as Princess Leia, Daggor as Cisco-3-PO, Repeater as Luke and Conduit as Hando Solo. We also fill in the minor parts and sound effects — including a stunning portrayal by Ky Slim as the villain of the piece. Was the performance a glorious triumph? An embarrassing failure? You decide!
  • Part 1 ends at the hour mark, during the exciting battle on the plains of Hoth…
  • hour30heading
    Hour 30 (Sunday, 1 a.m. – 2 a.m.)
  • Before continuing our western Star Wars performance, we ponder if we should skip a bit of the action. But first a special scene between Daggor’s Wedge and Repeater’s Luke.
  • We continue with part 2 of “The Empire Strikes Back” as if it were an old timey western movie, picking up the action at the Dang-on System.
  • Sadly, we never get to part 3 of “Empire.” Things started to get a might peculiar as the guys get more and more tired. Eventually we cut off our performance after Luke’s wagon gets raised out of the swamp. Basically, one of the girls sitting in the room near us asks: “what the hell are you doing?” … and … well … we’re too darn embarrassed to continue actin’.
  • HEADLINE: “American” was the official language of Illinois from 1923 to 1969 http://www.languagepolicy.net/archives/american.htm
  • Conduit, Ky Slim and Repeater all struggle to stay awake … it’s getting so hard…
  • HEADLINE: Chinese chopsticks actually made in the USA http://www.voanews.com/content/chopsticks-carry-made-in-america-label-125740793/163597.html
  • Daggor reports on the world’s oldest cat … 24 years. The kitty’s secret? A diet of Kentucky Fried Chicken http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/20/worlds-oldest-cat-is-24_n_5359092.html
  • UPDATE turns out the cat died a few weeks after the wordl record recording http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/11/worlds-oldest-cat-dead_n_5485957.html
  • Daggor asks Mark Cockram from England to call in and talk to us about about accents, specifically American accents. He tells us about a charming British kid he encountered at King’s Island. (What’s a Twist?)
  • Daggor talks about how Hasbro has trouble trademarking Transformer action figure names in a worldwide market … for instance, the Dinobot named “Slag” is perfectly charming in America, but in other parts of the world like Britain it means a terrible ugly hooker-type lady.
  • Ky Slim falls asleep!
  • He awakens for Ky Slim’s History Notes: 1718, french academic Henrion publishes a book claiming that the average stature of the human race has been on the decline since creation with really tall Adam and Eve. (Turns out it was only the coming of Christ that prevented humanity from over time shrinking to the size of atoms.)
  • Daggor gives Repeater advice on being a father, and lets him know about the pop culture he will be forced to know about
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