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Podcast: Slowly Sinking

We take a quick look at the newest quest to pull back the shower curtain on the wonders of the sea before moving on to see why most societies in human history, possibly including ours, started to swirl down history’s bathtub drain. Grab your rubber ducky and your water wings and let’s watch civilization sink into the depths.

Show Notes:

Science Update
The Starship Enterprise of the Sea:

cutaway view:

Layout:  check out the command bridge, navigational bridge, the underwater hanger, the communication room … it’s so sci-fi!

Discussion Pit
Society is DOOMED (scientists claim):

Three examples:
• Rome: http://www.history.com/news/history-lists/8-reasons-why-rome-fell
• Easter Island: http://adventure.howstuffworks.com/easter-island3.htm
• Haiti vs Dominican Republic: http://www.theglobalist.com/haiti-and-the-dominican-republic-one-island-two-worlds

“For me, it was like a return to the womb. I was absorbed by mother ocean… in all her wondrous glory.”
“What is he gibbering about?”

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